How do I use the FSC logo?

How do I use the FSC logo?

The trademark licence can only be used to promote FSC labelled products. All FSC labels must be applied by a Chain of Custody certificate holder. However, you may request that your supplier labels the product. This will require approval from their certification body.

Can we use the FSC logo?

The FSC trademarks can be used by FSC certificate holders and FSC promotional licence holders. The logos can also be used for educational and research purposes and by the media.

Where do I put the FSC logo?

1.4 The FSC logo and the ‘Forests For All Forever’ marks shall include trademark symbol ® in the upper right corner when used on products or materials to be distributed in a country where the relevant trademark is registered.

Can I use the FSC logo on my packaging?

The FSC label is generally printed directly onto the packaging or printed materials and is not usually a sticky label. Text-only claims such as ‘Printed on FSC-certified paper’ are not permitted under the FSC Trademark Standard. An FSC label must be used and only an FSC-certified printer can apply this.

What does FSC logo mean?

Forest Stewardship Council
FSC stands for ‘Forest Stewardship Council’. Products made with wood and paper from FSC forests are marked with our ‘tick tree’ logo. When you see this logo, you can be confident that buying it won’t mean harming the world’s forests.

What is an FSC Licence code used for?

The FSC license code is to be used whenever an on product label or a promotional claim is used. The certificate code is used on invoices and sales documents / delivery notes to indicate the FSC certified status of products.

What does FSC Mixed mean?

FSC Mix: Means all wood, paper and/or other wood-based materials within the product come from FSC-certified material, recycled material or controlled wood.

What are the FSC standard Colours?

Green, black, and white are the FSC standard label colors. The green colour is Pantone 626C. If none of the standard label colours are to be used in a printed item, the label may be produced using an available colour providing legible contrast.

How do I find my FSC number?

How to check the information of an FSC certificate?

  1. Visit FSC certificate search(
  2. Enter the license code(please ask the company to provide you so), organization legal name, certificate or product information you want to search for.

Can you use the FSC logo on a brochure?

Retailers who buy finished, FSC labelled products from and FSC-certified company and sell these on, unchanged, to end users may apply to FSC for a trademark license to enable them to use the FSC trademarks to promote these products in brochures, point of sale materials, in-store, on websites, in press releases. Learn more here.

What can the FSC trademark be used for?

The FSC trademarks may be used in a variety of ways. The most common and widely recognized trademark use is as a label on FSC-certified products to demonstrate that a specific product was derived from a responsibly managed forest.

What do you need to know about FSC certification?

FSC Product Labels: All companies involved in the production, manufacturing, processing, and trading of FSC-certified products must obtain FSC Chain of Custody certification in order to label products as FSC-certified.

How many trademarks does the Forest Stewardship Council have?

FSC owns five registered trademarks that you will see on wood and other forest products across the world. Who can use the FSC trademarks? If you are an organization or individual looking to use the FSC trademarks, you’ll belong to one of these categories:

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