How much is Fitne tea?

How much is Fitne tea?

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What is Fitne herbal Infusion?

Fitne Herbal Tea is a natural herb extract and taken before bedtime. It serves as a laxative. Fitne herbal tea contains senna leaves and pods and, therefore, is considered the best natural ingredient in the world to have an effective laxative effect. Moreover, it can prevent cancer in the large intestine.

How do you drink fitne?

How to use:

  1. Place one Green Tea tea bag in a cup of boiling water.
  2. Must leave to brew for 10-20 minutes to ensure absorption. During this time the Senna Herbs can perfectly ‘open up’ and mix with the boiled water to obtain the best working result.
  3. Drink only one cup before bedtime as needed.

Is Fitne tea healthy?

The “research” study on their website did not include any outcome measures or results related to metabolism so, to the best of my knowledge, there is no scientific evidence to support this claim. The product does contain caffeine which could theoretically provide an increase in calorie burn – but not so fast.

What kind of tea does fitne herbal tea use?

Fitne Herbal Tea is a laxative slimming tea. It is claimed to help in body system detoxification and it enhances a healthy and regular bowel movement. The most used ingredients are the pods and leaves of senna. The product is available in green tea, chrysanthemums flavor which has great taste and smell,…

Are there any side effects to drinking fitne tea?

Fitne has no side effects or unwanted stomach stimulation. Prevents the loss of minerals in the body when a balanced diet is maintained. Prevent the accumulation of fat and enhance a slender body. Fitne Green Tea Tea is “Double Chamber” tea bag.

Why is fitne green tea good for weight loss?

Fitne Green Tea drink works well because it increases the intestine’s ability to detoxify the body and prevent fat accumulation. It does not usually cause or induce diarrhea. There are no secret ingredients in this slimming tea from Fitne.

When is the best time to drink fitne tea?

You should drink the tea after dinner or before sleeping. The tea works wonders when accompanied with a proper diet and regular exercises. The product should not be used for more than three months. Ensure that you take a 14-day break in between treatments.

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