Is Honey Smacks the same as Golden Crisp?

Is Honey Smacks the same as Golden Crisp?

The cereal is lighter in color and sturdier in constitution than Golden Crisp. One bite and my decision was made; Smacks is utterly awesome. Yes, it is extremely sweet, but it finishes out with a toasty flavor that evokes the feeling of a classic sweet cereal. “It tastes like a Saturday morning!” said my sister.

What cereal is similar to Honey Smacks?

Golden Crisp is a brand of breakfast cereal made by Post Consumer Brands that consists of sweetened, candy-coated puffed wheat and is noted for its high sugar content. It was introduced in the US in 1948.

Is Golden Crisp the same as Sugar Crisp?

Through the years, Sugar Crisp saw several name changes, including Super Sugar Crisp, Super Golden Crisp, and Golden Crisp, the name by which it is currently known in the United States. In Canada, this satisfyingly sweet and crunchy puffed wheat cereal still remains known as Sugar Crisp.

What is the difference between Sugar Smacks and Honey Smacks?

Introduced in 1953, the cereal has undergone several name changes. It started out as “Sugar Smacks”. In the 1980s, it was renamed “Honey Smacks”. However, in the US the name reverted to “Honey Smacks” in 2004.

Why does my urine smell like golden crisp?

When someone is dehydrated, it makes their urine more concentrated. The urine may appear very yellow, or even brown and more concentrated urine smells stronger. While the most common smell is a pungent ammonia odor, some people report that their urine smells sweet or fruity.

Which came first Honey Smacks vs Golden Crisp?

Given the high sugar content of Honey Smacks, it’s not surprising then that the cereal was first released under the brand name Sugar Smacks in 1953. Kellogg’s introduced the cereal as a response to the success of Sugar Crisp, which is now known as Golden Crisp, from its rival Post (via Mr. Breakfast).

Why does my pee smell like golden crisp?

Why does Honey Smacks make pee smell?

Diabetes. Additionally, if you have diabetes, your urine might smell sweet or fruity. Some people with diabetes say their pee smells like “Sugar Smacks,” an overly sugary cereal with a frog mascot. This sweet odor is due to the excess glucose your body is trying to flush out.

Why does my pee smell like Golden Crisp?

Why does Honey Smacks pee smell?

When was the first Golden Crisp cereal made?

Golden Crisp. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Golden Crisp is a breakfast cereal made by Post Cereals that consists of sweetened, candy-coated puffed wheat. It was introduced in the US in 1947.

When was Super Sugar Crisp changed to Golden Crisp?

In 1967, The name was later changed to Super Sugar Crisp, and in 1985, it was changed again to Super Golden Crisp. Finally, it was changed to Golden Crisp (during a time when many cereals dropped the word “Sugar” from their names) in the American market.

What’s the difference between Golden Crisp and Puffed Wheat?

Golden Crisp goes so far as to call itself “wholesome” sweetened puffed wheat cereal. Wholesome, eh? Hmm. The cereal holds promise—the little pieces of puffed wheat are an attractive toasty brown color with a bubbly, sugary surface. But there is an odd bitterness, a sort of chemical-y aftertaste.

How much sugar is in Super Orange Crisp?

In 1975, Super Orange Crisp was found to contain almost 71 percent sugar by dentist Ira Shannon, who became tired of seeing so many cavities in his patients’ mouths and bought hundreds of boxes of sugary breakfast cereal and analyzed the contents of each in a lab.

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