Is Kenny Loggins still alive?

Is Kenny Loggins still alive?

Kenny Loggins
Genres Rock country children’s music pop folk rock soft rock
Occupation(s) Musician singer songwriter
Instruments Vocals guitar
Years active 1968–present

What is Kenny Loggins known for?

soft rock
Kenneth Clark “Kenny” Loggins is an American singer and songwriter known best for “soft rock” and “adult contemporary” music beginning during the 1970s. Originally a part of the duo Loggins and Messina, he became a solo artist and has written songs for other artists.

Does Kenny Loggins have a son?

Crosby Loggins
Lukas LogginsCody Loggins
Kenny Loggins/Sons

What Kenny Rogers died of?

March 20, 2020
Kenny Rogers/Date of death

When did Kenny Loggins live album Come Out?

Kenny Loggins Alive is a live album by soft rock singer, Kenny Loggins. Released in 1980, it contains material from Loggins’ three previous solo albums, as well as a previously unreleased song “All Alone Tonight”, “I’m Alright” (the theme from Caddyshack) and a cover of The Beatles “Here There and Everywhere” (Loggins is known to be a Beatles fan).

Where did Kenny Loggins live most of his life?

Early life. Loggins was born in Everett, Washington, the youngest of three brothers. His mother was Lina (née Massie), a homemaker, and his father, Robert George Loggins, was a salesman. Loggins is of Italian descent on his mother’s side. They lived in Detroit and Seattle before settling in Alhambra, California.

What did Kenny Loggins win a Grammy Award for?

The song earned Loggins the Grammy Award for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance. NBC used the song as theme music for its coverage of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament in 1980 and 1981. During the next decade, Loggins recorded so many successful songs for film soundtracks that he became known as the King of the Movie Soundtrack.

How did Kenny Loggins and Chris Messina become a duo?

Loggins and Messina’s vocal harmonies meshed so well that what was begun as a one-off album became an entity in itself. Audiences regarded the pair as a genuine duo rather than as a solo act with a well-known producer.

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