Is Liquicity 2021 Cancelled?

Is Liquicity 2021 Cancelled?

We are sad to announce that Liquicity Festival 2021 has been postponed. Liquicity Festival 2021 will be postponed to July 15-16-17, 2022. All purchased tickets will remain valid for this new date; we of course hope you will keep your ticket!

Who created Liquicity?

Maris Goudzwaard

Liquicity is a Dutch liquid drum and bass record label, YouTube channel and events promoter, run by Maris Goudzwaard and Mark van der Schoot (better known by his stage name Maduk) since 2011.

Is Liquicity copyright free?

Liquicity Astronauts get to use music from the Liquicity store copyright free for their own creative YouTube & Twitch content with no fear of DMCA claims or strikes!

Where are hybrid minds from?

Josh: We are a dance music duo focused on making mostly melodic drum and bass. I’m based in Buckinghamshire and Matt is in Leeds. We met through a radio station we used to play on and shared a very similar taste in music.

Is Soundcloud no copyright?

One word: Soundcloud Doesn’t that violate copyright? Yes, it absolutely does, unless you have permission from the artist.

How do you DJ liquid and bass?

How to Create a Drum and Bass DJ Set list?

  1. Start strong and heavy with Deep and Jump Up DnB. Move into more Liquid sounds and move back into Deep and dark sounds to finish.
  2. Some DJs just simple stick with Deep / Jump Up sound or just Liquid throughout.
  3. Start with Liquid and slowly build up to Deep through to Jump Up.

What BPM is liquid drum and bass?

Liquid (Dnb Music) is asong byDNBwith a tempo of176 BPM.It can also be used half-time at88 BPM.

Who is in hybrid minds?

Matthew Lowe
Josh White
Hybrid Minds/Members
Hybrid Minds are an English, Electronic DJ and production duo consisting of Josh White and Matthew Lowe. The pair came together through a shared passion for music. With a focus on melody, rhythm and energy, Hybrid Minds are taking liquid Drum and Bass in a brand new direction.

What genre are hybrid minds?

Hybrid Minds/Genres

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