Should I kill Verulus?

Should I kill Verulus?

Brother Verulus is a useful second follower, as he is a competent mage. Therefore, it may be beneficial to delay completing the quest. Killing Verulus will count as a charge towards the Ebony Blade, as he is considered a follower.

How do you get Verulus to follow you?

By holding down the talk button to interact with Brother Verulus, he can be commanded just like a follower. He can even pick up better weapons than the one he has, making him a useful exploitable follower.

Whats in the Hall of the Dead?

History. Found in the major cities of each Hold, deceased citizens are embalmed and buried within these halls. A shrine dedicated to Arkay—the god of burials and funeral rites—can be found in each. Below the Whiterun and Solitude locations sits catacombs where the dead are laid to rest.

Is Thongvor silver blood essential?

Posted 24 May 2012 – 02:00 PM. Maven becomes Jarl if you side with the Stormcloaks, as does Silver-Blood, they are essential because they are required for the Civil War quests.

Where is whiterun Hall of death?

The Hall of the Dead in Whiterun is located behind the Temple of Kynareth and near the House of Clan Battle-Born on the west side of town. It houses a small shrine of Arkay and Andurs lives there as well.

Where is Riften Hall of dead?

Temple of Mara
The Hall of the Dead in Riften is located just beneath the Temple of Mara. It houses a small shrine of Arkay and Alessandra lives there as well.

When should I kill Eola?

If you attack any guest after completing the quest and receiving the Ring of Namira, Eola becomes aggressive (and if you took her as a follower, will leave your service and attack you). Killing Eola—even after quest completion—causes your journal to show all quest objectives as failed.

Can you talk to Verulus in the Hall of the dead?

After the conversation, walking up to Verulus and engaging him in conversation will make him immediately say: “If it’s about the Hall of the Dead, no, you can’t go in there.” Asking why not, he will say: “I can’t talk about it.

Who is brother Verulus in the Elder Scrolls?

Skyrim:Brother Verulus. Brother Verulus is an Imperial priest residing in the Hall of the Dead in Markarth.

Who is brother Verulus in the taste of death?

While on the quest The Taste of Death, and having asked him to accompany you to Reachcliff Cave, Brother Verulus will follow you everywhere until he is brought to Eola. Thus, he may be used as a powerful follower in addition to any follower you may already have if you postpone returning to Reachcliff Cave.

What happens in the Hall of the dead?

What happened in the Hall of the Dead?” If you decided to kill Eola before luring Brother Verulus out of Markarth, you can tell him either simply that the Hall of the Dead is safe now, to which he will say: “Divines preserve you, you’re a hero. We’ll re-open the Hall right away.”

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