What are the top 5 agricultural producing counties in California?

What are the top 5 agricultural producing counties in California?

The top six counties, Fresno, Tulare, Monterey, Kern, Merced and San Joaquin, account for about half of California’s total value of agricultural production. Of the 10 highest ranked counties, seven list dairy products among their top five grossing commodities, and six list grapes.

What are the top 3 ag commodities in Tulare County?


1 Milk, Market, Fluid 1,221,191
2 Cattle & Calves, Unspecified 414,592
3 Oranges, Navel 371,847
4 Grapes, Table 370,282
5 Pistachios 118,030

What are the top 10 agricultural producing counties in California?

California’s Top 10 Agricultural Counties

  • Fresno. 5,372,009. Grapes, Almonds, Poultry, Milk, Tomatoes.
  • Tulare. 4,046,355. Milk, Oranges, Cattle and Calves, Grapes, Alfalfa Hay & Silage.
  • Monterey. 4,033,718.
  • Kern. 3,606,356.
  • Merced. 2,460,474.
  • Stanislaus. 2,310,071.
  • San Joaquin. 2,000,474.
  • Ventura. 1,621,575.

What is California’s largest crop?

California produces almonds worth $5.3 billion every year. 100% of commercial almonds in the United States and all of North America are grown in California, as are 80% of commercial almonds around the world….Leading products.

Crop Annual value (billions of USD)
Broccoli $0.85
Hay $0.76
Rice $0.68
Carrots $0.62

Where in California has the most agriculture?

Central Valley of California
The Central Valley of California is one of the world’s most productive agricultural regions. More than 230 crops are grown there. On less than one percent of the total farmland in the United States, the Central Valley produces eight percent of the nation’s agricultural output by value: US$43.5 billion in 2013.

What is California’s biggest crop?

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