What is a CEP pump?

What is a CEP pump?

Condensate extraction pumps (CEP) extract the condensate water from the condenser and pump it through the condensate polishing system and the LP heaters to the de-aerator feed water tank. The CEP are vertical canned type to ensure Net Positive Suction Head Available (NPSHA).

What is an Ogden pump?

The Spirax Ogden Automatic Pump delivers a known quantity of water at each stroke. Therefore by counting the strokes over a given period the pump can be used as a simple steam or condensate meter.

What is condensate removal pump?

Condensate pumps are a type of centrifugal pump that is used to collect and disperse the hot water and liquid produced by condensation from heating systems, such as gas and oil condensing boilers, from the production of refrigerated air, such as air conditioning and refrigeration systems, air dehumidifiers and …

Does condensate pump need water?

Make sure you don’t run the condensate pump without any water in the reservoir since this can damage the device.

What is a hotwell?

1 : hot spring. 2 : a reservoir in a condensing steam-engine or turbine installation for receiving the warm condensed steam drawn from the condenser.

What is air extraction pump?

The extraction pump is used to draw water from a condenser which is under vacuum. The pump also provides the pressure to deliver the feed water to the de-aerator or feed pump inlet. These pumps require a specified minimum suction head to operate and, usually, some condensate level control system in the condenser.

What is a motive pump?

Pressure Motive Pumps (PMPs) are pressure driven pumps which return condensate back to the boiler room; normally using steam pressure as the motive force.

What is condensate cycle?

The Condensate cycle includes the flow of water from Condenser to Deaerator. The equipments involved are Condenser, CEP (Condensate Extraction Pump), Gland steam cooler, LP heaters (Low Pressure Heaters). 2. The feed water cycle includes Deaerator, FST (Feed Storage Tank), Booster Pump, BFP (boiler Feed Pump).

Does a condensate pump run all the time?

Condensate Pump Floats When the float reaches a certain point, a switch is triggered which sends the water outside or to a drain. If that float gets hung when the water level rises and can’t slip back down into its natural position, the condensate pump will run continuously.

What kind of CEP is used in gas fired power plants?

In medium to large size gas-fired combined-cycle power plants, the CEP are vertical canned type to ensure enough Net Positive Suction Head Available (NPSHA). In small power plants, the CEP could also be horizontal end-suction type.

What was the original concept of CEP based on?

The original concept of CEP was based on a circular bivariate normal distribution (CBN) with CEP as a parameter of the CBN just as μ and σ are parameters of the normal distribution.

How many rounds land within three times the CEP?

That is, if CEP is n metres, 50% of rounds land within n metres of the mean impact, 43.7% between n and 2n, and 6.1% between 2n and 3n metres, and the proportion of rounds that land farther than three times the CEP from the mean is only 0.2%.

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