What is Matita Occhi?

What is Matita Occhi?

A professional soft pencil that can be used as eye liner. The colour can be blended with the appropriate smudge almost like an eyeshadow. The biting mina and the practical nuance can also be used as an eye shadow.

Is Matita plural or singular?

Second-person singular imperative present form of matittaa. Second-person singular imperative present connegative form of matittaa.

What is tite in English?

Definition of ‘tite’ 1. taking place or accomplished without delay. an immediate reaction.

What is the meaning of the Italian word Belvedere?

The Beautiful Origin of Belvedere Given the origins of the word, belvedere is the ideal term for a building (or part of a building) with a view; it derives from two Italian words, bel, which means “beautiful,” and vedere, which means “view.” The term has been used in English since the 1570s.

What is the plural of Foglio?

foglio m (plural fogli) (rectangular piece of paper; a thin, flat layer of another material) sheet Synonym: (thin layer of metal) lamina.

What is the plural of Amica in Italian?

The word for friend in Italian is amico (when referring to a male friend or the generic concept) or amica (when referring to a female friend). The plural forms are amici (male friends) and amiche (female friends) respectively. Grazie per essermi amico / amica.

What does taits mean?

Webster Dictionary Taitnoun. a small nocturnal and arboreal Australian marsupial (Tarsipes rostratus) about the size of a mouse. It has a long muzzle, a long tongue, and very few teeth, and feeds upon honey and insects. Called also noolbenger.

What is belve?

verb. dialect British. To shout, roar, bellow.

How do you change singular to plural in Italian?

In Italian, nouns are pluralized by a change in the last vowel. In short: Nouns ending with -a are pluralized with -e if feminine (most common) or with -i if masculine. Nouns ending with -e or -o are pluralized with -i.

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