What is the cost of steel almirah?

What is the cost of steel almirah?

Questions & Answers on Steel Almirah

Warranty Min Price Max Price
1 Year Rs 4800/Piece Rs 15000/Piece
3 Year Rs 5000/Piece Rs 6500/Piece
5 Year Rs 8000/Piece Rs 12500/Piece
More than 5 Year Rs 17103/Piece Rs 25000/Piece

What is the price of Godrej almirah?

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Which type of Almirah is best?

Choose Almirahs By Capacity

  • Single door almirah: Single door almirahs are a great option if you have a very specific need for them.
  • Two door almirah: 2 door almirahs are probably the most popular option.
  • Three door almirah:
  • Four door almirah:
  • Sliding door almirah:

Which Colour is best for metal almirah?

As per Vastu Shastra, the best colours for your almirah are neutrals, lightwood finishes and whites as they make your bedroom look more spacious, sleek and bright.

What is Almirah called in English?

noun. Indian English. a wardrobe, cabinet, or cupboard.

What do we call almirah in English?

What is Godrej almirah made of?

The Slimline steel almirahs have a sleek design with a durable CRCA steel construction for extra durability and easy maintenance. They also come with multiple shelves for internal storage. These steel almirahs come in 3 doors and 2 door designs.

Which paint is used for Almirah?

We’ll suggest using special spray paint for painting on steel as the spray paints are more convenient and easy to apply. For better results, one can also buy a primer for metals.

Which Colour is best for wardrobe?

The most popular vastu-approved colours for wardrobes are light wood finish, neutrals and whites. When wardrobes take up a considerable amount of space in a room, opt for colours that look seamless and sleek. Moreover, these colours reflect light, giving the room a spacious feel.

What is an Indian Almirah?

Default Title – $1,895.00 AUD. Add to cart. Whether storing salt and grain in the kitchen, or saris and textiles in the bedroom, almirahs were a staple in any Indian household. Uncovered in Rajasthan, this 60-year-old vintage piece was from a traditional haveli of the region and used to house treasured household items.

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