What is the price of aluminum right now per pound?

What is the price of aluminum right now per pound?

Today, aluminum prices occupy a range trending around . 35 cents per pound.

Does Pacific Steel take catalytic converters?

We purchase almost all varieties of scrap metal including vehicles, catalytic converters, aluminum, brass, copper, steel, miscellaneous scrap, ferrous, non-ferrous, and more! We deal with customers that are in the trade industry that come across scrap and scrap metal on a daily basis.

How much is aluminum per pound in Montana?

Scrap Metal Prices per Pound

Metal Price Per Pound
Aluminum Alloy $1.03
Copper $4.05
Brass $3.13
Lead $1.12

How much do recycling companies pay for steel?

Those old soda and beer cans in your bin also count. Stainless steel contains 70% iron. But it is still considered a nonferrous metal and commands a higher price per pound….Scrap Metal Prices And Value.

Metal Type Price
Steel $0.50 to $1.30
Aluminum $0.65 to $1.07
Copper $2.13 to $2.43
Stainless Steel $0.32 to $1.64

What kind of steel does Pacific Steel Recycling Use?

Pacific Steel & Recycling has come to represent quality and value, and our ag products are no exception. From trailer parts to bull gates and calving pens, you’ll find the highest quality and best value. Serious ranchers and farmers across the west trust Pacific Steel & Recycling to meet their needs.

Where is Pacific Steel in Kennewick, WA?

Pacific Steel provides scrap, commercial, consumer, and e-recycling in Kennewick, Washington. We even offer steel services and can get (and make) you the steel you need, when you need it. But unlike a national or offshore provider, we take recycling and sustainability seriously, and continuously seek to improve our supply chain.

How long has Pacific Steel been in business?

By following that philosophy, we’ve had customers like you depend on us for more than 120 years. We know that by putting you first and adapting to your needs, we can stay in business for another century.

Where is Pacific Steel and recycling in Spokane WA?

1114 North Ralph Spokane, WA 99202 | We offer Recycling services at this location. Spokane hosts many great community events, festivals and gatherings, and is home to the Lilac Bloomsday Run, the largest timed road race in the nation, and the largest three-on-three basketball tournament, Hoopfest.

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