What is the rarest classic Mini?

What is the rarest classic Mini?

Austin Mini summary and prices Early Mk1 Minis are the rarest, as well as the most expensive of the non-Cooper models. The very first ’59 cars in good condition can easily fetch in excess of £20,000, with later Mk1 cars commanding closer to £10,000 in good condition.

Do Minis hold their value?

According to figures presented by Autocar, Minis hold their value best in the UK, losing just shy of 47% of their value after 34,700 miles. Audis are next in line, losing 47.3% over the same mileage. The next three marques with slower depreciation rates are Volkswagen, Lexus and Ford.

Where can I buy a 1985 Mini Cooper?

Classifieds for 1985 MINI Cooper. Set an alert to be notified of new listings. Now showing page 1 of 1. 15 results per page. Introducing our new online auction for collector cars.

Where to find classic Mini cars for sale?

Classifieds for Classic MINI Vehicles. New listings are added daily. Now showing page 1 of 2. 15 results per page. Set an Alert? Refine Search? Beautiful little car.Never had any problems.Only selling because I have 3 other cars.Don’t wa 1972 MINI INNOCENTI MATIC B 1000 4 CYL 4/SPEED SUNROOF YEARL 1972 MAKE; MINI MODEL;INNOCENTI MATIC

When did the Mini Cooper win the Monte Carlo Rally?

The performance versions, the Mini Cooper and Cooper “S”, were successful as both race and rally cars, winning the Monte Carlo Rally in 1964, 1965, and 1967.

What kind of car is 1964 Austin Mini Cooper?

For sale by our Atlanta showroom is a 1964 Austin 850 Mini Cooper S. This is a car that will never lose its appeal to any generation. The fresh Deep Red paint presents very well complimented by the… More Info › 1964 Austin Mini Cooper S 998cc 4 cylinder gasoline engine 4 speed manual transmission Clean Car!

What is the fastest classic Mini?

Bonneville Speedweek I/BGCC class – 131 mph (211 km/h) Unofficial world’s fastest Classic Mini – 121 mph (195 km/h)

What size are classic Mini spark plugs?

The Mini uses the “larger” spark plug size which requires a 13/16″ deep socket. That would indeed be close to 21mm.

Why are classic Minis so expensive?

But They’re so expensive because they’re so iconic, lots of fun, and they are getting rarer over time, purely because some will get written off, some will be scrapped due to bodges/lack of funds…

What is the best classic Mini Cooper to buy?

Top 10: Classic Minis

  • Mini MkI (1959-67)
  • Mini Estates (1960-82)
  • Mini Van / Pick-Up (1960-82)
  • Riley Elf / Wolseley Hornet (1961-69)
  • Mini Cooper (1961-71)
  • Mini Clubman & 1275GT (1969-80)
  • Innocenti Mini 90 & 120 (1974-82)
  • Mini Limited Editions (1979-on)

Which classic Mini Cooper is the best?

What does a spark plug socket do?

Spark plug sockets are used to fit or remove spark plugs from engines. They will often have a foam rubber insert that sits inside the socket and serves to help hold the spark plug snugly, and prevent it from being damaged by the socket’s internal walls.

How does a Colortune work?

The Colortune works on the principle that the colour of the flame produced by the fuel /air mixture igniting in the cylinders varies with the richness of the mixture. The special spark plug is screwed into the spark plug hole in place of a normal plug. You can then see whether a particular cylinder is giving problems.

What kind of engine should I get for my Mini?

If you have a small-engine Mini, consider replacing it with a larger car engine as your first step towards more power, as a larger engine is a better base for future modifications. Minis already equipped with 1275cc engines can also be improved by swapping for one in a higher state of tune, most commonly the MG Metro engine.

What kind of engine does a Piper 998 use?

Some decadesfurther on and I now use and recommend the Piper P255 profile. Tested extensively in a number of engine configurations it works really well as a general purpose road cam. Smooth idle, low emissions and a healthy spread of torque from very low in the rpm range, but still making good power at 6,000rpm if needed. Rocker Gear.

When did the first BMC Mini come out?

THE arrival of the BMC Mini in 1959, with its roller skate handling, was of great benefit to the British performance tuning industry. Firms which had cut their teeth on the A-series engine, when installed in the Austin A35, soon applied their know how to BMC’s new baby.

What kind of casting does curioyus engine 998 use?

Curioyus they stuck to the standard exahust port size, though they did reduce the choke-effect by cutting down the exhaust guide boss size. Using a BBU 12G940 casting is an option – but not terribly practical (see ‘Engine – 998 tuning, fitting a 1275 head’). The much coveted 12G295/12G206 heads are all-but non-existent realistically now.

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