What type of wine is Frappato?

What type of wine is Frappato?

Frappato is a light-bodied red grape widely grown on the southeastern coast of Sicily. It is a component, with Nero d’Avola, of the island’s only DOCG wine, Cerasuolo di Vittoria.

How do you drink Frappato?

When served with a slight chill, Frappato’s low tannin, low alcohol, delicate fruitiness makes it partner well with swordfish, as well as tomato-centric pasta dishes. Sipping Frappato for the first time can feel like a spin on the roulette wheel of the world’s wines.

Is Frappato a dry wine?

Frappato/Sweetness of resulting wine

Is Frappato served chilled?

The Fleurie and the Brouilly region make wines that work really well chilled down. “For more unusual grape varieties, you can also look at Frappato from Sicily, which is very Pinot Noir-esque, but it’s more delicate and a lot lighter. It’s finding these fruit-driven, lighter wines that really like being chilled down.

Who makes Frappato?

Arianna Occhipinti
The Producer: Arianna Occhipinti The Frappato and Nero d’Avola vines range from 10-year-old guyot-trained vines which she planted all the way up to 60-year-old alberello-trained vines which she rented initially and was later able to add her holdings. Total production is approximately 10,000 cases annually.

Is Frappato dry?

Should you chill Lambrusco?

Lambrusco wine is made from the Lambrusco grape. All Lambruscos are meant to be served chilled, no matter the color, which is another reason it’s a summer pick.

What kind of wine grape is Frappato di Vittoria?

Frappato di Vittoria or Frappato is a red Italian wine grape variety planted primarily in Sicily.

When is the best time to pick Frappato Vittoria?

For July-September it is the vintage with the most sunshine (light required for the grapes to ripen) together with a July-September period either below average or average for temperatures.

What kind of wine is made in Vittoria?

A rare and exclusive grape variety cultivated on only a few hectares, it is best expressed in the red sands of Vittoria, not far from the sea. An aromatic and pleasant red wine as few others, a perfect synthesis between tradition and innovation. Cerasuolo has outdone itself.

Is there a genetic relation between Sangiovese and Frappato?

An Italian study published in 2008 using DNA typing showed a close genetic relationship between Sangiovese on the one hand and ten other Italian grape varieties on the other hand, including Frappato. It is therefore likely that Frappato is a crossing of Sangiovese and another, so far unidentified, grape variety.

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