When does KSRTC bus service start in India?

When does KSRTC bus service start in India?

In accordance with the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India Order dt: 17th May, 2020 and as per the advisory of State Government, KSRTC will commence its bus services with effect from 19th May, 2020 duly following the prescribed Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) which include Social Distancing, Compulsory Wearing of Masks.

Which is the biggest bus station in Kerala?

The front facade of the huge, towering new KSRTC central bus station building (still under construction) at Thampanoor, Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala. The terminal complex is the biggest bus station in Kerala and is also the headquarters and central offices of the Kerala State Transport Corporation (KSRTC).

How tall is the KSRTC central bus terminal building?

The building itself has 12 stories and can house a multiplex, food courts, a number of government offices, a convention center and also has two 5 story multlevel parking centers for 350 cars and 400 two wheelers. There was an old, overcrowded crumbling bus station building that was pulled down to construct this behemoth in its place.

How many arrivals and departures does KSRTC have?

The ground floor of the station handles bus arrivals and departures with 30 departure bus bays and 5 arrival bays capable of handling upto 3000 bus schedules a day, most of them being KSRTC’s long distance schedules, all which originate and depart from here.

Which is the best award of KSRTC in India?

SKOCH Mobility Award Healthy Workplace 2016. National e-Governance Gold Award 2017. Limca Book of Records 2017. Global Clean India Award 2017. Global Safety India Award 2017. Manthan Award 2017. CMAK Award 2017. PSU Leadership Award 2017. PSU Award- AWATAR 2017. EKDKN Exceed HR Awards 2017. EKDKN Exceed Environment Awards 2017.

How many club is KSRTC in the world?

KSRTC wins global recognition again by entering 2 million club in Inter -State and Intra- State Volvo Bus Operation. Know more..

Which is the best Road Transport Corporation in Karnataka?

Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) has set an example for other transport entities in the coun


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