When was Nikon D80 discontinued?

When was Nikon D80 discontinued?

D80 2009 Digital Cameras Discontinued.

Is Nikon D80 good for video?

The D80 will not do video. Re: D80 video. How? D80 does not have video capabilities.

What came after Nikon D80?

August 2008: The D80 has been replaced by the Nikon D90. You’ll still see the D80 in stores and ads, so look for deep discounts. When the D80 came out in mid-2006 I bought one immediately because it gave the same resolution as my D200 in a more portable package.

How good is Nikon D80?

The good Excellent color rendition and noise levels; large feature set; highly customizable; lightning-fast performance. The bad Full raw editor costs extra; flash sync of 1/200 second. The bottom line Nikon scores big with the D80, its new 10-megapixel, sub-$1,000 dSLR.

What does r06 mean on Nikon?

“r06” indicates that six images can fit in the camera’s buffer, “r08” would indicate eight frames.

How many megapixels is Nikon D80?

Nikon D80/Megapixels

Key Features. 10.2 megapixel Nikon DX format CCD imaging sensor: Effectively optimized by Nikon to deliver a wide, dynamic range, producing outstanding images with high resolution and vivid detail yielding 3,872 x 2,592-pixel files.

What lenses are compatible with the Nikon D80?

All Nikkor AF lenses for the normal anlog/digital SLRs should work fine on your D80. The only digital thing about some of the newer AF lenses (DX lenses) is that they were made specifically for the dx size sensor (smaller than film) in the Nikon digital SLRs (exept the new D3), so there could be problems using them on the analog cameras since the lens could project light over a smaller area than the film negative.

Does the Nikon D80 have wireless?

No, Nikon D80 doesn’t have Wireless! Read our detailed Nikon D80 Review You may also also be interested in these: Best Cameras with Wireless Best DSLR Cameras with Wireless Best Nikon DSLR Cameras with Wireless

Is the Nikon D80 a full frame camera?

No, the Nikon D80 is not Full Frame! Nikon D80 has a APS-C (23.6 x 15.8 mm) sensor. Read our detailed Nikon D80 Review.

Does the Nikon D80 have GPS?

Unfortunately, the Nikon D80 doesn’t come with a data connector like the more expensive Nikon bodies. So there’s absolutely no way of directly stamping GPS information at photo-take-time.

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