How do you get the best car in GTA 4?

How do you get the best car in GTA 4?

The best cars are(only sports cars:

  1. Bullet GT and Police Stinger(not a sport car but it’s extrimly fast)
  2. Comet.
  3. Turismo.
  4. Super GT, Infernus and F620.
  5. Coquette and Sultan RS.
  6. Banshee.
  7. Feltzer and Super Drop Diamond(not a sports car but it’s very fast)
  8. Ruiner and Blista Compact.

What are the cheat codes for GTA 4 for Xbox 360?

We’ve listed all of the GTA 4 Cheats for Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC below.

  • Max Health & Armor: 362-555-0100.
  • Max Health, Armor and Ammo: 482-555-0100.
  • Weapons 1: 486-555-0150.
  • Weapons 2: 486-555-0100.
  • Remove Wanted Level: 267-555-0100.
  • Raise Wanted Level: 267-555-0150.
  • Change Weather: 468-555-0100.

How do you get in a car in GTA 4?

Stand right beside the vehicle and press the Y (Xbox), Triangle (PlayStation), or F (PC) button to get into the car. Your character will break the side window, enter, and start the vehicle.

Can you fly a plane in GTA 4?

Although stealing a plane had been a part of the previous installments in the Grand Theft saga, it is not possible GTA 4. It is possible, and fun, to steal a helicopter any time, however. Enter the helicopter door the same as you would a car door and start driving it to fly.

What are the Cheat Codes for Grand Theft Auto?

482-555-0100. Give Niko health and armour.

  • RPG.
  • RPG.
  • 486-555-0150.
  • 267-555-0100.
  • 267-555-0150.
  • 468-555-0100.
  • 359-555-0100.
  • 938-555-0100.
  • 625-555-0100.
  • What are the cheats for GTA 5 on Xbox 360?

    maybe you’d rather have some explosive (literally) melee moves!

  • Misc Cheats. Instant Parachute: Need a parachute on the fly?
  • Closing. There are a lot of excellent cheat codes here.
  • Can you cheat on the Xbox 360?

    This Xbox 360 cheat is pretty easy. When holding your weapon, press LT, RT and X buttons and hold them for a minute or longer. Check the stats menu and you will see the maximum attributes for your weapon.

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