Who are the characters in Digimon?

Who are the characters in Digimon?

The movie is titled Gekijō-ban Digimon Adventure, which translates to Digimon Adventure The Movie, and will see the return of all of the original characters, including Tai, Matt, Sora, Izzy, Mimi, Joe, TK, and Kari, who are all now 22 years old. The movie announcement is exciting on its own, but the aging of the main characters is also huge news.

What was the first Digimon movie?

Digimon Adventure is the first Digimon Adventure film. It was released in Japan on March 6, 1999. It was released in the United States on October 6, 2000 as the first part of Digimon: The Movie. The first story focused on Tai and Kari Kamiya, four years before their adventure in the Digital World.

What are all the Digimon series?

As of 2012, there have been six series — Digimon Adventure, Digimon Adventure 02, Digimon Tamers, Digimon Frontier, Digimon Savers, and Digimon Xros Wars.

What is the Order of Digimon?

The chronological order of Digimon Digimon Movie 1: Digimon Adventure Digimon Season 1: Digital Monsters Digimon Season 2: Digital Monsters Digimon Movie 2: Bokura no War Game Digimon Movie 3: The Golden Digimentals Digimon Season 3: Tamers Digimon Movie 4: Diaboromon Strikes Back Digimon Movie 5: The Adventurers’ Battle

How many Digimon series are there?

Is Digimon a cartoon?

Jump to navigation Jump to search. Digimon (デジモン Dejimon , branded as Digimon: Digital Monsters, stylized as DIGIMON), short for “Digital Monsters” (デジタルモンスター Dejitaru Monsutā), is a Japanese media franchise encompassing virtual pet toys, anime, manga , video games, films and a trading card game .

Is Digimon An anime?

Original Article Below. Although Digimon Adventure, or Digimon: Digital Monsters, is an anime often dismissed as a Pokémon rip-off, it is a light-hearted adventure anime about the relationship between seven young friends transported from their Japanese summer camp to an alternate, internet-based world.

What does Digimon mean?

Digimon (デジモン, Dejimon ), short for ” Digital Monster ” (デジタルモンスター, Dejitaru Monsutā), are mysterious lifeforms that were discovered in the Computer Network in 1997. They are central to the Digimon franchise. The word “Digimon” is typically invariable in the plural, though there are some cases where the term is pluralized as “Digimons”.

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