Who does Tomoyo end up with Cardcaptor Sakura?

Who does Tomoyo end up with Cardcaptor Sakura?

Their relationship overflows with love for one another, so much so that it becomes increasingly obvious throughout the story that Tomoyo has romantic feelings towards Sakura. Sakura winds up pairing off with her unlikely ally, Syaoran, towards the end of the story but Tomoyo remains alone, her feelings unreturned.

Who does Sakura like in Cardcaptor Sakura?

The TV series leaves the relationship between Sakura and Syaoran unresolved, but Sakura confesses her love to Syaoran at the end of the second anime film. In the OVA that bridges the stories of the original series and the Clear Card anime, Syaoran returns to Tomoeda two years later, just like in the manga.

Is Touya in love with Yukito?

are toya and yukito in a relationship!?? Well, they are not in a relationship per se, but they love each other for the deep meaning of the word. There’s many hints throughout the Japanese version of the anime. For example, there’s the Cinderella episode that someone said above.

Is Yukito in love with Sakura?

Throughout the series Touya and Yukito’s closeness is frequently displayed. Touya gives Yue his powers in order to save Yukito’s life. Eventually Yukito openly admits his love for Touya to Sakura after she confesses to him, notably calling Touya his “number one”.

Who is Touya in love with?

Yukito Tsukishiro
Yukito Tsukishiro, the borrowed form of Yue, is his boyfriend. His birthday is on February 29th, which makes him a leap year baby, a person that can only “properly” celebrate their birthday once every four years.

Is Yue in love with Sakura?

Yue was in quite a strong and close relationship with Clow Reed, his creator. Clow Reed had expected Yue to fall in love with Sakura and vice versa however he soon sees that he was wrong in his assumption as Sakura loves Syaoran Li.

Is eriol in love with Sakura?

Eriol is introduced as the Clow Reed reincarnation when he joins Sakura’s school to be closer to her. While in the anime, Kaho just assists Eriol to make the new master of the Clow Cards stronger, in the manga, Kaho and Eriol are seen to be in a romantic relationship.

Who is Sakura boyfriend?

Sasuke Uchiha
Sakura Haruno/Significant others

What kind of relationship does Tomoyo have with Sakura?

Tomoyo’s relationship with Sakura is full of love and friendship. Tomoyo’s actions make it clear that she deeply cares about Sakura, often to the point of obsession. Tomoyo first meets Sakura in the third grade when she receives an eraser in class after forgetting her own.

How many times has Sasuke shown that he loves Sakura?

Naruto: 10 Times Sasuke Proved He Loved Sakura. Even before Sasuke and Naruto became friends, and before Sasuke ever considered him a rival, he had already shown several signs of caring for Sakura.

Who is the father of Tomoyo in Cardcaptor Sakura?

Tomoyo is the daughter of the president of Daidouji Toy Company, Sonomi Daidouji. Sonomi is the cousin of Sakura’s mother Nadeshiko Kinomoto, which makes Sakura, Touya and Tomoyo 2nd cousins. Tomoyo’s father is never shown in the series and is only alluded to once, but it is apparent that he does not live in the Daidouji household.

Who are the main characters in Cardcaptor Sakura?

Sakura-chan!” ―Tomoyo Daidouji when she is attracted or amused to Sakura Kinomoto. Tomoyo Daidouji (大道寺 知世 Daidōji Tomoyo) is a major supporting character in CLAMP ‘s manga series Cardcaptor Sakura and Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle, and their anime adaptations.

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