Who won 2002 World Series?

Who won 2002 World Series?

Los Angeles Angels
2002 World Series/Champion

How did the Giants lose the 2002 World Series?

The 2002 San Francisco Giants season was the 120th in franchise history, the franchise’s 45th season in San Francisco, and their third in Pacific Bell Park. The season ended with the Giants winning the National League pennant but losing to the Anaheim Angels in the 2002 World Series.

Did Barry Bonds ever win a World Series?

He won his first Gold Glove Award and Silver Slugger Award. That year, the Pirates won the National League East title for their first postseason berth since winning the 1979 World Series. Bonds stayed with Pittsburgh and won his second MVP award that season.

Who was the MVP of the 2002 World Series?

Troy GlausAnaheim
2002 World Series/MVPs

Who was the winner of the 2002 World Series?

The 2002 World Series was the 98th edition of the Fall Classic, held from October 19-27, 2002. The series featured the American League champion Anaheim Angels defeating the National League champion San Francisco Giants, 4–3, to win the franchise’s first ever World Series.

Who was left standing at the end of the 2002 World Series?

It was no surprise that an American League team had once again dominated the 2002 race with powerful hitting, great defense and outstanding pitching on the mound. It was a surprise however, that the team left standing at the end of the marathon was not the New York Yankees.

Who was the hit pitcher in Game 2 of the World Series?

Game 2 continued to favor the hitter as nine combined pitchers were taken for an astounding twenty-eight hits. Four separate Giants dented the seats again (Bonds, Sanders, David Bell and Jeff Kent) while Tim Salmon matched teammate Glaus’s opener with two blasts of his own.

Who was the first AL Wild Card team to win the World Series?

The Angels became the first American League (AL) champion team not representing the AL East Division to win the World Series since the Minnesota Twins in 1991. The Angels were also the first American League Wild Card winner to win the World Series.

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