Do Nitto tires stretch?

Do Nitto tires stretch?

Registered. if you are talking about the neogens, they stretch amazing.

Are Nitto neo gen good for stretch?

Its BARELY noticeable. They look and feel like good tires, just not for stretching. Very fat and thick rubber. NT555’s is what you want from the Nitto line-up… the stretch is superb.

Do Falken tires stretch well?

Falkens stretch very nicely. A 225 will fit more like a 215.

Where are Nitto Motivo tires made?

Most Nitto tires, including the new Motivo line, are made at the Toyo tire factory in White, Georgia. Some of the exotic race rubber comes from the home plant in Japan. The U.S. manufacturing plant can currently produce about 2 million tires a year, and there are plans to grow that to 6 million.

Are Nitto Neo Gen tires good?

The Nitto Neo Gen performs very well on wet surfaces. It gives you a feeling of constantly being in control regardless of road conditions. Cornering is very good, as you would expect from Nitto. Overall, Nitto has done a good job with this tire.

Are Nankang good for stretching?

They ride fine, a bit on the firm side due to the low profile, but they’re fine. They’re a bit weak on wet pavement, but in the dry they’re fine. They stretch pretty good.

Can you stretch r888r?

Registered. Thought I would share with you the look of the tyres on a 7j wheel…. As you can see there is no stretch and it’s almost perfectly straight.

What kind of tire is the Nitto INVO?

Luxury, sport and ultra-high performance—Nitto Invo tires are the next chapter in street tires which blend breakneck thrills with surprisingly luxurious ride comfort. Get the best of both worlds in terms of performance and comfort.

How much wear does a Nitto INVO cover?

If you do, your new tires will be covered down to 3/32″ of wear. And in the extremely unlikely event these tires sustain damage that can’t be repaired, you’ll get a brand new replacement Nitto Invo. (You can add our Certificate coverage in the cart of your order).

What kind of tread pattern does Nitto use?

Plus, when you ride on these Nitto summer tires, you can find that extra bit of performance on wet or dry roads with the asymmetric tread pattern, which uses 3D multi-wave sipes and wide circumferential grooves, giving your maximum grip whenever you need it.

How big is a Nitto Tire in rows?

Tire Size Stock Number Tread Depth Overall Dia (in) Inflated Dimensions Overall Width Inflated Dimensions 225/40R18 92W XL 202940 10.0 25.08 8.98 225/45R18 91W 203280 10.0 25.98 8.94 235/40ZR18 91W 202950 10.0 25.39 9.49 245/40R18 97W XL 203810 10.3 25.91 9.65

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