How can I check my property registry in Punjab?

How can I check my property registry in Punjab?

How to check integrated land records

  1. Visit
  2. Click on ‘Integrated Property’
  3. Enter details like Khewat number, location, and property/registration number and click on ‘Search’.
  4. On doing that, details regarding property transactions, property tax and court cases shall be displayed on the screen.

Where can I get Fard in Punjab?

Arazi Record Centers
Issuance of fard and recording of mutation in a village after its digitization, shall be exclusively available through Arazi Record Centers or third party service providers as notified by Authority from time to time. Visit to Patwari is not required.

How can I know my khasra number in Pakistan?

You can find out the Khasra number by logging on to the official land revenue department website of your state.

Who is DG Punjab Land Record authority?

PLRA – Board Members

Mr. Sardar Ahmad Ali Khan Drishak (MPA D.G Khan) Senior Member (BOR, Punjab)
Mr. Moazzam Iqbal Sipra (DG PLRA) Member Taxes (BOR, Punjab)
Dr. Muhammad Saqib Aziz (Retd. PAS Officer) Mr. Mubeen Uddin Qazi (Advocate, Supreme Court of Pakistan)

What is Khewat number in Punjab?

Khewat numner (also called Patta number of jamabandi number) means the number of owners holdings. 5. Khatauni Number means the number of the holding (Khata) of the person responsible for the cultivation.

How can I check my land in Punjab Pakistan?

How to Check Property Ownership in Pakistan Online

  1. You can find all Punjab and Sindh property records online at and respectively.
  2. Select your district, tehsil and area from the drop-down list.
  3. Enter your CNIC number or property number to check property ownership in Pakistan.

How do I find my Kila number?

The rectangle number is indicated in red ink and the killa number is indicated in blank ink. Thus field number is written as 2//4 means kill number 4 lies in rectangle number 2. If due to some transfer, the killa number 4 is splits in two fields, the new fields number will be 2//4/1 and 2//4/2.

What is land Mouza?

In Bangladesh, Pakistan and parts of India a Mouza or Mauza is a type of administrative district, corresponding to a specific land area within which there may be one or more settlements. As populations increased and villages became more common and developed, the concept of the mouza declined in importance.

What is Fard malkiat?

Fard Malkiat also known as (Record of Rights/ Jama Bandi/Misal Haquiat/Register Haqdaran-e-Zameen) maintained for determination/record of various types of rights in the immovable property.

What are the registry charges in Punjab?

Irrespective of the gender of the buyer or the location of the property, 1% value of the transaction cost is charged as the registration fee for property purchases in Punjab….Registration charges in Punjab.

Single ownership Stamp duty Registration charge
Man 7% 1%
Woman 5% 1%
Joint ownership
Man + woman 6% 1%

When was the Punjab Land Records manual updated?

The Punjab Land Records Manual 1935 was updated in the year 1973. A further revision was necessary in view of a number of amendments made from time to time. The copies of the second revised edition is essential in view of the number of amendments made since 1973.

Which is the best land leasing bill in Punjab?

The Revenue Commission, Punjab invites suggestions on draft The Punjab Land Leasing and Tenancy Bill, 2019.

Who was the Financial Commissioner of Punjab in 1934?

It has been compiled by Sir Miles Irving C.I.E. O.B.E L.C.S who Financial Commissioner Revenue Punjab till 15th February,1934 and is issued under the authority of the Financial Commissioner, Revenue, Punjab.

Which is the best manual for land records?

The Land Records Manual is designed to take the place of those of the standing orders of the Financial Commissioner which deal with Department of Land Records. As each of those standing orders comes under revision its place will be taken by a chapter in this manual.

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