How do I pair my Jabra Rox Bluetooth?

How do I pair my Jabra Rox Bluetooth?

i. Connecting to the first Android device Make sure your earphones are separated. Make sure your earphones are off, then press and hold (5 secs) the Multi-function button until the LED rapidly flashes blue. This will put your earphones in pairing mode.

How do I update my Jabra Rox firmware?

Update the firmware

  1. Turn on and connect your device to your computer using the USB cable or Jabra Link Bluetooth adapter.
  2. In Jabra Direct, select your device.
  3. Click the Update now button (or the Updates icon on the left menu) to open the Updates window.
  4. Next to your listed device, click Update to open the update dialog.

How do I connect my Jabra Bluetooth headphones to my phone?

Android. Go to Settings and turn on Bluetooth. In Bluetooth click “Pair new device”. When you see your Jabra headphones or headset come up in the list, tap it and it should be paired with your phone.

How do I pair my Jabra Bluetooth headphones?

How do I connect wireless Bluetooth headphones to my phone?

On an Android device, pull down the shade from the top of the phone and long-press the Bluetooth icon. It’ll bring you right to the Bluetooth menu where you can turn it on and then search for devices. Tap the name of the headphones you’re trying to pair.

How do I download Jabra firmware?

To install new firmware, follow these steps.

  1. Make sure your earbuds are paired with your mobile device.
  2. In Jabra Sound+, tap the Discover icon.
  3. Tap Update now to start the update process.
  4. After the download is completed make sure to tap Agree to the license terms to enable the update of the Jabra device.

How do I find my Jabra firmware version?

How do I find the firmware version of my Jabra device using Jabra…

  1. In Jabra Direct, select your device.
  2. Click Device.
  3. In Device settings > Product information, the product firmware is listed.

How do I connect my Jabra wireless headphones to my computer?

How do I connect my Jabra device with my computer?

  1. Plug the Jabra Link 370 into a USB port on your computer.
  2. Turn on your Jabra device.
  3. Go to the sound settings for your computer, and select the Jabra Link 370 as the output and input device.
  4. Your headset is now ready to use.

What kind of earbuds do Jabra Rox wireless use?

Rox Wireless is small and lightweight with ColorCore EarGels designed for full sound and perfect fit. And when you’re ultra-active, you can use optional EarWings to lock them in place. With a Bluetooth Device: Ensure the earbuds are separated.

What do you need to know about Jabra Bluetooth headphones?

Choose from Jabra’s various styles. Tips & Tricks conneting your Bluetooth headset to a phone, tablet or other compatible device. Wireless headphones are headphones that connect to a device, such as a smartphone, stereo speaker, television, gaming console, computer, or other electronic devices without using a wire or cable.

Can you use wireless earbuds with wireless headset?

Enjoy full wireless freedom with our range of Bluetooth headsets. Whether you opt for a single earbud, wireless over-ear headphones or sports earbuds, you can enjoy the many benefits of Bluetooth connectivity.

How long does it take to connect a Bluetooth headset?

Within 20 seconds, press the connect button on your wireless headphones for two seconds. You should now hear sound from your headphones. Plug your wireless headset into the console to install the latest headphone drivers.

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