How thick are Mayday Games sleeves?

How thick are Mayday Games sleeves?

Thickness: 90 microns.

What is arcane Tinmen?

Arcane Tinmen specializes in fabricating premier level gaming accessories, including our world-famous Dragon Shield line of card sleeves and gaming products. For over two decades, Arcane Tinmen products have been the go-to for gamers at all levels.

Are Mayday sleeves PVC free?

About these card sleeves: 100% Archival Safe. Acid-Free. PVC-Free.

How should card sleeves fit?

Sleeve seams should hold up to hard shuffling, especially for tournament players. And to get that perfect shuffle, avoid sleeves that are too slick or too rubbery. You want to hit that sweet spot of slick but grippable sleeves. In addition to material quality, you’ll want a truly snug fit.

What size are mini card sleeves?

41mm x 63mm
41mm x 63mm means exactly the same for Euro and USA, but every sleeve manufacturer measures differently and none of them are the same. Then factor in that some sleeves come up larger and some smaller (or snugger).

What size are mini Euro cards?

45 MM X 68 MM
45 MM X 68 MM. This is one of the most popular card sizes for euro board games, the Mini Euro Size. This size of 6.8 CM by 4.5 CM is the “standard” among most euro games that use smaller cards.

What kind of sleeves do you use for MayDay Games?

Mayday Games Card Sleeves. Mayday Games’ Premium Card Sleeves are favored by hardcore enthusiasts, investment collectors, and competition gamers around the world. Use them to protect and preserve all your cards, or just your most valuable decks.

What can you do with Mayday Games cards?

Sleeve Kings Mayday Games Card Sleeves Swan Card Sleeves Bags for tokens Card Stands Catan Pieces Dice Meeples Plastic boxes Plastic tokens Realistic Resources Wooden Shapes Wooden Vehicles Wooden Resource Tokens 7 wonders A Game of Thrones board game A Game of Thrones LCG 2nd ed. Agricola Aliens Board Game Android Netunner LCG

How many games are there on Mayday Games app?

This works for iOS & Android. More enhancements to the app are coming every day and we are working to keep this database of more than 4,000 games current and welcome your comments on the google sheet below if you want to add a game or find an error.

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