Is Latin the hardest GCSE?

Is Latin the hardest GCSE?

Academics at Durham University found that Latin is about a grade harder than any other subject at GCSE. Will Griffiths, director of Cambridge University’s school classics project, said the fact that Latin is seen as difficult represented one of the biggest threats facing the subject nationally.

Is Latin Good for GCSE?

Latin GCSE is a tough one to get a top grade in so historically it has been considered a “good one to get” for students who want to demonstrate academic ability.

Is Latin an easy GCSE?

Latin has long been defended as a difficult GCSE on the basis of the challenge it offers to the brightest 16-year olds. If Latin continues to function as a badge of distinction for those at the very top – an A* more impressive than every other A* – then it is a subject that can never belong to everyone.

Is Latin a good a level to have?

Many university departments look favourably on a Latin A Level. It is useful for History and Modern Languages in particular, and many science departments are wise to the benefits it provides. Also, it is an A Level respected for its difficulty, admissions tutors are impressed by a Latin qualification.

Is Latin a level good?

What is Latin GCSE useful for?

Latin is a good choice if you are interested in the Romance languages such as French or Portuguese. Latin can also help you understand the English language and its vocabulary better. Latin is useful for the humanities as well as in many of the disciplines that have their roots in Roman culture, literature or science.

What is Latin a level?

Latin A level is for those who have loved GCSE. It is an opportunity to get to know Latin literature in great depth. It is a challenging course, so pupils need to be sure it is for them.

Which is the best revision guide for Latin?

This concise Latin grammar revision guide is a complete summary of all of the grammar and syntax necessary to succeed in OCR’s GCSE Latin Course. It aims to create clarity around the subject and reinforce knowledge ready for the exam.

How to write out Latin words for GCSE?

Learn the two pages and write out the latin words on some paper but don’t just use the first principle part. i.e. if learning the word porto learn as in the vocab booklet: porto, portare, portavi , portatus. cogo, cogare, cogi, coactus sum.

What do you need to know about Eduqas in Latin?

The Eduqas GCSE in Latin aims to provide a foundation in linguistic and cultural competence, enabling learners to gain knowledge and understanding of the Roman world through reading and responding to its language and literature.

Which is the best website to learn Latin?

If you haven’t already, try the Cambridge Latin Course website ( It has loads of really good grammar and vocab activities and practice translations at all levels, and also activities to do with the literature in the anthology section.

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