Is the Traxxas Maxx worth buying?

Is the Traxxas Maxx worth buying?

BigSquid Rating: A- If you are looking for a new 10th scale bash machine, the Traxxas Maxx should be at the top of the list. BigSquidRC is all about Bashing and the Maxx is perhaps the best 10th scale monster truck that we have ever reviewed. If you bash hard, the Maxx deserves a place in your rc garage.

How fast is a stock Traxxas X Maxx?

50+ MPH
X-Maxx 4X4 Data

Overall Drive Ratio: 8.11 (stock, out-of-box)
Top Speed: 50+ MPH with two 4s LiPo batteries and optional pinion gear
Skill Level: 6
Battery Tray: 197mm x 51.5mm x 44mm
Required Batteries: 4 “AA” (transmitter)

Can the Traxxas Maxx run on 3S?

The X-Maxx was famous for its classic ‘party trick’ wheelies and we are glad to report that the Maxx can pop them just as reliably. Even on a 3S battery the Maxx will wheelie with ease, a short burst of throttle to get it up on the wheelie bar, then keep your ‘foot in’ and it will ride around like this with no issues.

What is the biggest battery you can put in a Traxxas Maxx?

Traxxas recommends a 4-cell 14.8V Power Cell LiPo battery for maximum performance. A 3-cell 11.1V LiPo battery will operate the vehicle with reduced performance. NiMH batteries are not supported.

How fast is Traxxas E Revo?

E-Revo Data

Length: 23.05 inches (585mm)
Steering: Bellcrank
Radio System: TQi™ 2-channel transmitter with 6533 TSM receiver
Servo: Dual 2075
Top Speed (optional gearing): 70+ mph

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