What are clappers slang?

What are clappers slang?

(slang) The tongue of a garrulous person. noun. Two flat pieces of wood held between the fingers and struck together rhythmically. noun.

What is a clapper in England?

clapper in British English 1. a person or thing that claps. 2. a contrivance for producing a sound of clapping, as for scaring birds.

Why do we say going like the clappers?

It comes from the times when all important news was spread to the village/town by use of the church bells. The “clappers” in question are the things that clang on the inside of the bell making the ringing sound – a vigorously rung bell implied a sense of urgency or speed.

What does Clapepd mean?

1. to make or cause to make a sharp abrupt sound, as of two nonmetallic objects struck together. 2. to applaud (someone or something) by striking the palms of the hands together sharply.

What is a clapper car?

In poor condition due to overuse or age. This phrase is often applied to cars. You can hear her clapped-out car coming from a mile away because the engine is in such poor condition.

Who is a slapper?

/ (ˈslæpə) / noun. British slang a promiscuous woman.

What is a clapper unwind?

Clappers are “young terrorists” whose circulatory systems have been pumped with a chemical close in composition to triglycerides that makes their blood explosive. The chemical’s similarity to triglycerides causes medical examiners to mistake it for being caused by a high-fat diet, instead of an explosive transfusion.

Why is it called a clapper?

The noun clapper is based on clap, from the Old English word clappan, which means to clap, throb, or beat. The word is supposed to be imitative of the sound the thing makes. When the clapper strikes the inside of a bell, it makes the bell ring.

What does clapped out mean in British slang?

chiefly British. : worn-out also : tired.

What is a Clart?

(Entry 1 of 2) 1 dialectal, British : a clot or daub of mud or other sticky substance. 2 dialectal, British : mud, mire —often used in plural.

Is the clapper still a thing?

During the Holiday Season, plug in your Christmas tree, Christmas lights, and decorations, and turn them on with a clap! Joseph Enterprises Inc, is the only legal manufacturer and distributor of the trademarked ‘The Clapper’ . Our products are only shipped from the USA.

What does slapper mean in English?

: one that slaps specifically : a device that consists of two strips of canvas attached to a handle and is used for driving and directing cattle especially in stockyards.

What does the clapper mean?

Definition of clapper : one that claps: such as : a metal ball that hangs inside a bell and hits the inside of the bell to make it ring : the part hanging inside a bell that hits the sides to make the bell ring

What is the meaning of clappers instrument?

Clapper, musical instrument consisting of pieces of wood, bone, metal, or other sonorous substance either held in both hands or, fastened together, held in one hand, sometimes with a handle, and struck against each other.

What does the name clapped mean?

The Brief: Clapped is a slang term meaning destroyed or taken down. DEEP DIVE Deriving from British slang for “being shot and killed”, clapped has been adopted by Gen Zers to mean being destroyed or obliterated, most often in video games or hyperbolically, in sports.

What does clapper talk mean?

Clapper-talk. meaning. (0) A form of Chinese narrative singing accompanied by a pair of clappers. noun. 0.

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