What are examples of preoccupation?

What are examples of preoccupation?

Preoccupation is a state of being focused on and engrossed in something, or the thing that you are engrossed in. When you become obsessed with knitting, this is an example of a preoccupation with knitting. When you become obsessed with knitting, this is an example of when knitting is your new preoccupation.

What is the synonym of preoccupation?

Frequently Asked Questions About preoccupied Some common synonyms of preoccupied are absentminded, absent, abstracted, and distracted.

What does preoccupation mean in literature?

If you have a preoccupation with something or someone, you keep thinking about them because they are important to you. Preoccupation is a state of mind in which you think about something so much that you do not consider other things to be important.

What does preoccupation mean in psychology?

n. a state of being self-absorbed and “lost in thought,” which ranges from transient absent-mindedness to a symptom of mental disorder, as when an individual with schizophrenia withdraws from external reality and turns inward upon the self.

How do you use preoccupation in a short sentence?

Preoccupation sentence example

  1. This preoccupation with him was becoming an obsession that was beginning to affect her ability to take care of the house.
  2. Weakness in artillery was Cadorna’s main preoccupation for many days.

Is preoccupation a word in English?

the state of being worried about or thinking about something most of the time: Lately, his preoccupation with soccer had caused his grades at school to slip.

Does preoccupied mean busy?

The definition of preoccupied is someone who is busy with or engaged in something. An example of preoccupied is a person who is texting while driving.

What is abstracted mean?

abstracted, preoccupied, absent, absentminded, distracted mean inattentive to what claims or demands consideration. abstracted implies absorption of the mind in something other than one’s surroundings, and often suggests reflection on weighty matters.

What is the meaning of fascination in English?

1a : the quality or power of fascinating. b : something fascinating. 2 : the state of being fascinated : the state of feeling an intense interest in something.

How do you use preoccupation in a sentence?

How do you stop preoccupation?

If you find yourself excessively worried, try one or more of these habits to relieve yourself.

  1. Establish a designated “worry time.”
  2. Compile your worries in a list.
  3. Busy yourself.
  4. Talk to someone about something else.
  5. Meditate.
  6. Physically exercise.
  7. Disconnect from your phone and the internet.

How do you use preoccupation?

What is the meaning of ‘preoccupation’?

preoccupation – an idea that preoccupies the mind and holds the attention. fixation, obsession – an unhealthy and compulsive preoccupation with something or someone.

What is another word for preoccupation?

preoccupation, preoccupancy, absorption, engrossment(noun) the mental state of being preoccupied by something. Synonyms: preoccupancy, assimilation, concentration, engrossment, intentness, absorption, immersion, soaking up.

What is the plural of preoccupation?

Here’s the word you’re looking for. Answer. The noun preoccupation can be countable or uncountable. In more general, commonly used, contexts, the plural form will also be preoccupation.

What does preoccupations mean?

Definition of preoccupation. 1 : an act of preoccupying : the state of being preoccupied. 2a : extreme or excessive concern with something.

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