What are the mysterious staircase in the woods?

What are the mysterious staircase in the woods?

The simple explanation of the Stairs in the woods phenomenon is: These are stairs that rise from the ground and go up to the sky. The mysterious stairs are most often seen at night and look as if they were built in the woods out of nowhere. There is no other structure or building around them.

What do staircases to nowhere mean?

The architect Morris Lapidus understood this when he designed the grand staircase of the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami. He called it the “Stairs to Nowhere” because they led only to a coat closet, where the beautiful people could leave their jackets and then swan down the stairs, catching the eye of everyone below.

Are there abandoned staircases?

There are abandoned staircases all over national forests and no one knows why. In national parks around the world, so the story goes, there are abandoned staircases. Then sightings of the staircases came from as disparate places as Portugal, Brazil, Germany, Norway and the Philippines.

Why is there a staircase in the woods?

In the Philippines, a forest ranger was fired for being absent from the job. He climbed some stairs to avoid a dangerous dog and thought he was gone only a few minutes. In reality, it was days. There have even been claims that the derelict stairs are used for devil worship.

Where are stairs to nowhere?

Chesterfield, New Hampshire: Stairway to Nowhere Now surrounded by forest, the rock staircase was once part of a castle built by an eccentric widow. The castle burned to the ground in 1962.

Which country has a staircase to nowhere?

The highest point in Belgium is a staircase to nowhere. Apparently, clocking the country’s highest point in at just shy of 700 meters was simply too tantalizing, and so in 1923, a 6-meter (18-foot) stone staircase was constructed atop the peak.

How do you build a staircase?


  1. Measure the height of the area where you will install the stairs.
  2. Divide the total rise by the typical rise per step.
  3. Divide the total rise by the number of steps to get the actual rise per step.
  4. Establish the run of each step.
  5. Find the total run of the staircase.
  6. Decide if your stairs need landings.

What country has the highest staircase to nowhere?

The highest point in Belgium is a staircase to nowhere. From its height, on the top step of the seemingly nonsensical staircase, visitors can survey the land from exactly 700 meters above sea level.

Are there stairs in the middle of the woods?

Probably the most discussed and unsettling reports of stairs in the woods are those that are said to be found scattered about within the wilds of National Parks in the United States. According to the tales, people will on occasion come across staircases just randomly sitting out in the middle of the wilderness, often miles deep into the woods

Are there any mysterious staircases in the forest?

As it turns out, mysterious staircases in the forest are not uncommon and many of them have been around for centuries or millennia. Historically, there are numerous ancient structures with staircases that appear to have been important for various people.

Where did the staircase of missing time originate?

The Staircase of Missing Time – Philippines One of the earliest of all reports actually originated from the Philippines. Torkik is an experienced ranger and is often tasked with searching for missing people in the local jungles.

Why are there stairs in the National Parks?

Stories about hikers coming across mysterious sets of stairs add to the foreboding atmosphere of these national landmarks. According to the legends, hikers exploring National Parks occasionally come across full sets of stairs placed randomly in the forest and leading up into the sky at various heights.

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