What does a 58 volt Ficm do?

What does a 58 volt Ficm do?

Running a 58 volt FICM will help with pedal response, hold the injector spool valve further open, increase horsepower(~30hp) and better cold climate starting.

How do you tell if your Ficm is tuned?

Premium Member. If you have access to an IDS, just check the FICM strategy. If the strategy starts with a P, you are running one of our tunes. If it starts with an A, you are on a factory set.

Does the Ficm control the fuel pump?

The FICM provides a feedback signal to the PCM indicating when the FICM is providing control signals to the injector (fueling) (via CAN2 link and *FICMM signal). The FICM will cycle through the injector outputs when the key is placed in the ON position.

Is the 58v FICM compatible with any tuner?

The 58v FICM is compatible with any brand of tuner on the market. The common programmers on the market (such as Edge, Superchips, SCT, Bullydog, etc) are actually recalibrating the ECM, not the FICM. You do not need to have them uninstalled or reprogrammed with the addition of our 58v FICM.

Where can I get a FICM repaired for my truck?

We service and sell nearly everything you can get for your truck! Send your FICM in to be repaired here! Have us send you out a FICM on exchange here! Get a tune on your existing FICM with no downtime here! We aren’t just FICMs – we repair most computer modules. Give us a call at 515-897-4459.

Do you need to reprogram a Ford FICM?

The FICM does not need to be reprogrammed as you are not changing the logic board, just the power supply portion of the FICM. Elevate the performance of the FICM in your 2003-2007 Ford 6.0L Powerstroke when you install the Bullet Proof Diesel 90201081_BK 4-Pin 6-Phase FICM Power Supply.

Can a DTech dt600008r replace a Ford FICM?

The DTech DT600008R is a direct replacement for your failed, factory FICM. This standard 48V remanufactured FICM is pre-programmed and does not require any “flashing” from Ford for F-250 through 550 models.

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