What does the word lis mean?

What does the word lis mean?

Noun. French, literally, lily, from Old French, from plural of (assumed) lil, from Latin lilium.

What is the meaning of the fleur-de-lis in New Orleans?

lily flower
In French, fleur-de-lis literally means “lily flower”. It may come as no surprise that an emblem found all over the state of Louisiana has its roots in a flower from French culture, stemming from the French colonization of the Americas, particularly present day Louisiana.

Is Lis valid in Scrabble?

Yes, lis is in the scrabble dictionary.

Is a lis pendens?

A lis pendens is an official notice to the public that a lawsuit involving a claim on a property has been filed. Lis pendens is connected to the concept that a buyer of a property must assume any litigation that exists pertaining to the property.

What is the spiritual meaning of fleur-de-lis?

The symbol is a legend in itself – a lasting emblem of royalty, power, honor, grandeur, faith and unity. It is written that an angel descended from heaven with the Holy Ampulla in the shape of a fleur-de-lis when King Clovis of France was proclaimed. It thus signified the French kings’ direct link to God.

What does the Spanish word Despensa mean in English?

despensa. sf. 1 (=armario) pantry, larder. 2 (=provisión de comestibles) stock of food. 3 (Náut) storeroom. Translation Spanish – English Collins Dictionary. See also: despeñar, despeñarse, despeinar, despresar.

What is the meaning of the word dispensation?

feminine noun. 1. (exception) a. exemption. Mañana tenemos un examen final, pero me dieron una dispensa porque estoy enfermo y debo estar en cama.We have a final tomorrow, but I was granted an exemption because I’m sick and must stay in bed. 2. (religious) a. dispensation.

What was the Despensa in’captain Nemo’?

Una rebosante despensa submarina a disposición del capitán Nemo. An underwater larder filled to overflowing, and all Captain Nemo for the taking. Estaba en la despensa ocupado con otra sobreactuación. I was in the larder, dealing with another ham.

When do you use affirmative imperative in Dispensa?

Affirmative imperative tú conjugation of dispensar. A feminine noun is almost always used with feminine articles and adjectives (e.g. la mujer bonita, la luna llena).

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