What is a backhand slice in tennis?

What is a backhand slice in tennis?

Slice is created by the racquet head brushing down the back of the ball. The spin creates a lower, flatter trajectory over the net and makes the ball stay low off the bounce. Henman uses his backhand slice to approach the net; the spin keeps the ball low forcing his opponents to hit up giving him an easier volley.

Who has the best backhand slice in tennis?

The 5 Best Backhands in Men’s Tennis

  1. Dominic Thiem.
  2. Stan Wawrinka.
  3. Novak Djokovic.
  4. Richard Gasquet.
  5. Stefanos Tsitsipas.

What grips Does Roger Federer use?

Federer uses a slightly modified eastern grip, it lies somewhere between the traditional eastern forehand grip and the standard semi-western grip. This grip means Federer can hit through the ball and take the ball on the up; allowing him to step inside the court and dictate play against his opponents.

Who has the best backhand in tennis 2020?

Most recently seen in Roland Garros. In any case, the expert commission agreed on the best backhand player: Djokovic leads this category with 58 points, ahead of Stan Wawrinka (25) and Dominic Thiem (22).

What’s the best grip for a backhand tennis racket?

The backhand grip chosen will depend upon whether you hold the racket with one hand or two and whether you intend to hit topspin or slice. The racket’s angle in your hand will be adjusted to make the kind of shot you want to hit easier, although a few players even manage to hit the ball with the same grip for both forehands and backhands.

What kind of grip do you use on a slice backhand?

Grip The slice backhand should be played roughly with a continental grip where the ‘v’ that’s formed between your thumb and index sits on top of the racket. This is the basic slice grip, but people will vary it slightly to the left or right to find a balance of what’s comfortable and most efficient.

Why is the slice backhand important in tennis?

The slice backhand is an important weapon on the tennis court and it can be used offensively just as effectively as it can defensively. We spoke to our super international coach, Dave Ireland to get some thoughts on the backhand slice, and have brought it all together for you so you can make some improvements to your game.

Where does the right hand sit in a tennis grip?

A right-handed player will place their right hand at the base of the grip, with their left hand further up. The index knuckle of the right hand will typically be on bevel 2, while the heel of the right hand will be on bevel 1. The index knuckle and heel of the left hand will sit on bevel 7.

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