What is a ST style guitar?

What is a ST style guitar?

ST-Style guitars have a double-cutaway body, which makes playing high notes on the neck more easy than with single cutaway models. The ergonomic shape of the guitar body is in perfect balance with the player.

What style of music is a Stratocaster best for?

The Stratocaster, though used in a variety of genres, is best suited to playing the blues. The guitar sounds great clean and under low levels of gain, and its classic mid-range honk gives it a lyrical and cutting voice incredibly well suited to playing the blues.

What is the best guitar for all genres?

The Best Electric Guitars For Each Genre

  • Rock. 1.1 Fender Stratocaster Features.
  • Blues. 2.1 Gibson ES-335 Features.
  • Indie. 3.1 Rickenbacker 360 Features.
  • Country. 4.1 Fender Telecaster Features.
  • Metal. 5.1 Ibanez RG Features.
  • Funk. 6.1 Fender Stratocaster/Telecaster Features.
  • Jazz. 7.1 Gibson L-5 Features.
  • Conclusion.

What is a double cut guitar?

Double cut = you got a cut on both sides, like sg’s and most other guitars. “When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace.”

What kind of guitar is the St style?

ST-Style Electric Guitars A double-cutaway, three single-coil pickups and the unmistakable ST-shape: the world’s most popular and iconic electric guitar design has been writing rock and pop history since 1954. And it’s as current as ever, helping shape almost every music genre popular today. Product-Filter: Select your preferences

When did the Stratocaster electric guitar come out?

When you think of an electric guitar, you probably have the ST-model in mind. This world-famous type of guitar was introduced with the release of Fender ‘s Stratocaster in 1954, in addition to the T-model based on the Telecaster.

What kind of guitars are in keymusic stores?

KEYMUSIC has a very large range of ST-Style guitars available. All our stores have a unique collection of ST-Style guitars in stock. Traditional models, perfect for blues and rock by brands like Fender and Squier, and modern guitars from brands like Ibanez, Jackson, ESP and Yamaha.

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