What is the meaning of Annex 1?

What is the meaning of Annex 1?

to attach, append, or add, especially to something larger or more important. to incorporate (territory) into the domain of a city, country, or state: Germany annexed part of Czechoslovakia. to take or appropriate, especially without permission. to attach as an attribute, condition, or consequence.

How many chapters does Annex 1 have?

7 Chapters
Entered into force on 27 September 2003, this Annex focuses on prevention of sewage pollution from ships. It has 7 Chapters comprising of 18 Regulations.

Who does MARPOL Annex 1 apply to?

Every ship with 400GT and above and all tanker ships of 150GT and above must be subjected to following surveys: 1.

What is an example of an annex?

Annex is defined as an additional part of a building or a nearby building which is used as part of the main building. An example of an annex is a building in the parking lot which is used as additional office space to supplement the office space in the main building.

What is the purpose of double hulls?

The main purpose of the double hull is to reduce the probability of oil outflow following a collision or grounding (1). 1 If a segregated ballast tank on a single-hull tanker is breached, no oil will be spilled (unless the ballast water is contaminated). Some ships have only double bottoms or double sides.

Did Hawaiians want to be annexed?

On February 1, Minister John Stevens recognized Dole’s new government on his own authority and proclaimed Hawaii a U.S. protectorate. Dole submitted a treaty of annexation to the U.S. Senate, but most Democrats opposed it, especially after it was revealed that most Hawaiians did not want annexation.

What is the MARPOL limit for oily water?

MARPOL regulations Annexe-1 with respect to the discharge of oily water from tankers and all other vessels over 400grt. Sets limit of concentration up to 15ppm. So provision is to be made to stop the discharge of bilge / ballast water from overboard if oil content concentration exceeds 15ppm.

How often do you have to drain a MARPOL tank?

In first stage coalesces oil and physical impurities are removed and in second stage coalesces final de-oiling is done. The oil collected in top dished end is sensed by capacitance probe and alarm is given. The operator has to operate the manual valve drain the oil, normally once in a week.

When do ships have to comply with regulation 1.28?

Ships delivered on or before 31 December 1979, as defined in regulation 1.28.1, shall comply with this requirement as far as is reasonable and practicable.

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