What word means to make longer?

What word means to make longer?

To prolong is to make something last longer or to stretch it out in time.

How can you make something longer?

To change the length of something – thesaurus

  1. lengthen. verb. to become longer, or to make something longer.
  2. stretch. verb. to pull something to make it longer or wider.
  3. shorten. verb. to become shorter, or to make something shorter.
  4. elongate. verb.
  5. cut. verb.
  6. grow. verb.
  7. extend. verb.
  8. turn up. phrasal verb.

What does prolonging it mean?

transitive verb. 1 : to lengthen in time : continue. 2 : to lengthen in extent, scope, or range.

What can I say instead of long time?

What is another word for long-time?

many years ages
very long time years
years on end yonks
forever eternity
eonUS age

Is lengthily a word?

Lengthily meaning In a lengthy way, in a manner that is long and drawn out, especially in time.

What is the synonym of duration?

duration. Synonyms: period, continuance, term, space, protraction, prolongation. Antonyms: momentariness, instantaneousness, infinity, eternity.

How do you use prolong in a sentence?

Prolong sentence example

  1. He quickened his pace, having little reason to prolong the trip.
  2. Though his recovery was rapid and complete, he did not choose to prolong his stay abroad.

What is prolonged time?

If something is tedious, time-consuming, and feels like it’s taking forever, it’s prolonged. Definitions of prolonged. adjective. relatively long in duration; tediously protracted.

What is prolong life?

Sometimes after injury or a long illness, the main organs of the body no longer work properly without support. Medical care to prolong life can keep you alive when these organs stop working well. The treatments may extend your life, but do not cure your illness. These are called life-sustaining treatments.

Is it lengthy or lengthly?

As adjectives the difference between lengthy and lengthly is that lengthy is having length; long and overextended, especially in time rather than dimension while lengthly is .

What does lengthy process mean?

You use lengthy to describe an event or process which lasts for a long time.

What is a synonym and antonym for duration?

Complete Dictionary of Synonyms and Antonyms duration. Antonyms: momentariness, instantaneousness, infinity, eternity. Synonyms: period, continuance, term, space, protraction, prolongation.

Is there a way to make a sentence longer?

Simply either attach writing as a file or copy and paste the article into the box provided. Then click the box to say you are not a robot and select the option to extend it. The verbose sentence generator increases the length of the content by adding a modifier, replacing phrases with longer ones and other techniques to make writing longer.

What is another word for ” make longer “?

make longer. Contexts. (of clothing) To lengthen by undoing and resewing a hem. To extend or make longer. Verb. . (of clothing) To lengthen by undoing and resewing a hem. let down. enlarge.

Is there a generator to make your paper longer?

The extremely verbose generator is very simple to use and very effective even if you need to add a considerable amount of extra content to your writing to get to the length expected of you. Reaching the required page does not have to be impossible or take you all night if you make use of simple verbose text generator.

What’s the best way to make an essay longer?

If you’re writing an essay on modernism, write a paragraph defining modernism. If your essay is about education, write a paragraph giving a brief history of education. This will make your paper better – and longer! You should have a paragraph or two right after your introduction defining and explaining what your topic is!

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