Where are the Pirin Mountains located?

Where are the Pirin Mountains located?

southwestern Bulgaria
The Pirin Mountains (Bulgarian: Пирин [ˈpirin]) are a mountain range in southwestern Bulgaria, with Vihren at an altitude of 2,914 m being the highest peak. One hypothesis is the mountain was named after Perun, the highest god of the Slavic pantheon and the god of thunder and lightning.

How old is Pirin?

With an approximate age of about 1,300 years it is a contemporary of the foundation of the Bulgarian state in 681 AD. The fauna of the Pirin National Park is diverse and includes 45 species of mammals, 159 species of birds, 11 species of reptiles, 8 species of amphibia and 6 species of fish.

How many national parks are there in Bulgaria?

three National Parks
Bulgaria has three National Parks – Pirin, Rila and Central Balkan. They have a total area of 193,049 hectares and comprise more than one-third of all protected areas in Bulgaria. The National Parks belong to the state.

What are Pirin tablets?

This product is a combination of aspirin, acetaminophen, and caffeine. It is used for the temporary relief of pain from conditions such as muscle aches, toothaches, menstrual cramps, or headaches (including migraine).

How many mountains are there in Bulgaria?

thirty seven
There are thirty seven distinct mountains in Bulgaria, thirty six of which are in the south grouped in several mountain chains/massifs, and one – the Balkan – divides the country in southern and northern parts.

What is a Pirin?

The Pirin Mountains (Bulgarian: Пирин) are a mountain range in southwestern Bulgaria, with Vihren at an altitude of 2,914 m being the highest peak. Another version is that the etymology of the range derives from the Thracian word Perinthos, meaning “Rocky Mountain”.

How old is Rila Monastery?

Rila Monastery was founded in the 10th century by St John of Rila, a hermit canonized by the Orthodox Church. His ascetic dwelling and tomb became a holy site and were transformed into a monastic complex which played an important role in the spiritual and social life of medieval Bulgaria.

What is the highest altitude in Bulgaria?

2,925 metres
9,596 feet (2,925 metres) at Musala Peak, which is the highest point in the country and indeed in the whole Balkan Peninsula; the Pirin Mountains, with Vikhren Peak reaching 9,560 feet; and a frontier range known as the Belasitsa Mountains.

What are the mountains called in Bulgaria?

Balkan Mountains

Balkan Mountains
A view from Kom Peak in western Bulgaria
Highest point
Peak Botev Peak
Elevation 2,376 m (7,795 ft)

Can you stay at Rila Monastery?

You can spend a night at the monastery. There are dormitories and private rooms aimed primarily for people on Orthodox Christian pilgrimage visit to the monastery. An easier option is to make a reservation at hotel Tsarev Vrah which is owned by the Rila Monastery. …

Is Bulgaria in Africa?

Bulgaria is located in southeastern Europe. Bulgaria is located in southeastern Europe. Bulgaria is bordered by the Black Sea to the east, Serbia and the Republic of North Macedonia to the west, Greece and Turkey to the south, and Romania to the north.

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