Who sang Supernature by Cerrone?

Who sang Supernature by Cerrone?


Who produced supernature?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Cerrone is an influential producer of 1970s and 1980s disco songs. He has sold over 30 million albums worldwide, including over four million copies in France, and eight million copies of Supernature.

Why was Days of Pearly Spencer banned?

Unfortunately, back in 1967, Radio 1, the BBC’s new pop network, didn’t add “The Days of Pearly Spencer” to its playlist, maybe because Solomon was also a director of Radio Caroline, the pirate station just outlawed by the Marine Broadcasting Offences Acts passed by Harold Wilson’s government.

Where did Supernature by Cerrone come from?

“Supernature” was used as the theme music to Thames TV ‘s The Kenny Everett Video Show (as well as being danced to by Hot Gossip in the same show), which was shown across the United Kingdom. After the success of Supernature, Cerrone IV: The Golden Touch Cerrone signed up for management with Steven and Martin Machat.

When did Supernature Symphony by Cerrone come out?

Cerrone Symphony, Variations of Supernature was released in February 2010 with a first single: “Supernature Project” featuring Dax Riders. “Supernature Symphony” took place in Paris-La-Défense on 2 October 2010, in the evening of “Nuit Blanche”.

What was the cover of Cerrone’s third album?

The original French album cover featured a naked model draped over the top of a fridge with a jar of white powder spilled in front of it. The U.S. release featured a photo of Cerrone wearing a Hawaiian shirt. His third album, Supernature sold over eight million albums worldwide.

When did Supernature come out and what year?

Songwriter(s) “Supernature” is the title track of Cerrone’s 1977 album, Supernature (Cerrone III). Along with the tracks “Give Me Love” and “Love is Here”, the song reached number one on the US disco/dance charts early in 1978.

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