Are Castleford Tigers getting a new ground?

Are Castleford Tigers getting a new ground?

The stadium is intended to have a capacity of 13,300 spectators, it will replace Wheldon Road which has been home to Castleford Tigers since 1926….Five Towns Stadium.

Opened expected 2020
Construction cost £15 million
Castleford Tigers

How much is Castleford Tigers worth?

Super League

Club Owner(s) Estimated net worth
Castleford Tigers Ian Fulton
Catalans Dragons Bernard Guasch
Huddersfield Giants Ken Davy £75m
Hull F.C. Adam Pearson (100%) £150,000

Where do Castleford Tigers play?

The Mend-A-Hose Jungle
Castleford Tigers/Arenas/Stadiums

History of the Castleford Tigers Castleford Tigers joined the Rugby League in 1926 having previously been a successful junior club and since 1927 has always played home games at the current stadium on Wheldon Road which has been known as The Mend-A-Hose Jungle since 2014.

What channel is Castleford Tigers on?

Castleford Tigers | BBC Sport.

When did Castleford Tigers last win a trophy?

Their most recent major trophy was the 1986 Challenge Cup.

Is Castleford a nice place to live?

Castleford has been named in the top ten worst towns and cities to live in England, with “horrible” Huddersfield topping the list. Huddersfield received 50 per cent more votes than the town in the second spot, and was slated by voters for being “unclean”, “rough” and “chavvy”.

How old is Castleford?

Castleford was established as an urban district, in the administrative county of the West Riding of Yorkshire in 1894 under the Local Government Act 1894, with an urban district council. Whitwood and Glasshoughton were added to the district in the 1930s.

Is our league app free?

Many fans will already have an Our League Account set up, which can be used to log-in seamlessly between our website and app. You can set up your account for free – it requires only a valid email address and a few minutes to set up.

What channel is the rugby league on?

Channel Nine present the Thursday Night, second Friday night and Sunday afternoon game on free-to-air TV each round, while Fox Sports will have coverage of each and every game, simulcasting the three already mentioned with Nine.

Who is Castleford Tigers coach?

Daryl Powell
Castleford Tigers/Coaches

When did Castleford Tigers get relegated?

Castleford Tigers were relegated from the Super League on Saturday 16 September after finishing the regular season in 11th place (Catalans Dragons were exempt from relegation and finished 12th, therefore 11th-placed team was relegated).

Where should I live in Castleford?

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