Does Rebekah end up with Marcel in the originals?

Does Rebekah end up with Marcel in the originals?

Engaged, In love; Like family, Rebekah was originally Marcel’s adoptive aunt (when he was a child); Love Each Other, Sexual; Allies, Close Bond; Marcel chose Klaus over Rebekah (originally), Rebekah moved to New York where Marcel joined her to start their relationship again, Marcel chose Rebekah over New Orleans and …

Does Marcel and Rebekah have a child?

Babies Of Ships on Instagram: “Kenna is the eldest child of Rebekah and Marcel. She is a witch like her cousins and attend the Salvatore school with them.

Is Davina in love with Marcel?

The relationship between vampire, Marcel Gerard and witch, Davina Claire. Ever since then, Davina has loved him and been grateful to have him in her life. Marcel cares for Davina more than anything and is willing to always put her first, even willing to risk his life for her.

What happens in Season 1 Episode 14 the originals?

‘The Originals’ season 1, episode 14 recap: A betrayal revealed. The Originals returned to our screens with a bang as Klaus learned some terrifying truths about what Marcel and Rebekah were up to many years ago. Elijah then has to act as he sees fit, and we are all left to wonder what is next for the Original siblings.

What was the relationship between Rebekah and Marcel?

The relationship between the Original Vampire, Rebekah Mikaelson and the Upgraded Original Vampire, Marcel Gerard. Rebekah and Marcel have a passionate forbidden love. When they are in the same room, it’s like electricity, it’s both emotional and physical with them.

What did Marcel tell Rebekah in reigning pain in New Orleans?

In Reigning Pain in New Orleans, in the garden, Marcel tells Rebekah that Klaus and him are on good terms and it’s not a good idea for him to see her behind Klaus’ back. He tells Rebekah that he has people to look out for and he can’t turn his back on them, not even for her. She reminds of their secret back in 1919.

What did Marcel tell Rebekah about Elijah in tangled up in blue?

Marcel doesn’t answer the question, but Rebekah tells him that if she finds out he’s hiding Elijah, she’ll kill him herself. In Tangled Up In Blue, Marcel confronts Rebekah about Camille being at the masquerade ball and asks her if she’s trying to be cute inviting a human in amidst all these vampires in attendance.

Why was Rebekah mad at Marcel in the casket girls?

She reminds of their secret back in 1919. In The Casket Girls, Rebekah is mad at Marcel for siding with Klaus and tells him to stay away from her. At the end of the episode Rebekah brings Davina to Marcel. In Après Moi, Le Déluge, Rebekah convinces Marcel that they must complete the Harvest.

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