How do I see upcoming Kickstarter projects?

How do I see upcoming Kickstarter projects?

Kickstarter now has a Pre-Launch page feature Use the advanced filter to search specifically for upcoming projects on Kickstarter. Potential backers can opt-in to be notified by Kickstarter when the project goes live by clicking a button on the pre-launch page. The count of those followers are shared on the page.

How do you pre-launch on Kickstarter?

After clicking the “Launch now” button your project will go live. All project pre-launch pages will be searchable under the “Upcoming Projects” section of Discover. We generally recommend setting up and sharing your pre-launch page at least one week ahead of your intended launch date.

Can I edit my Kickstarter after launch?

When a project ends, the “Campaign” tab (the page with the project’s description, rewards, and funding details) is preserved and no further edits can be made. If there is new information you would like to share with your backers, we encourage you to post a project update.

Are there any board games coming out on Kickstarter?

The best mats ever! Yes, that’s me in the latte! This is a list of upcoming anticipated board games to be launched for Kickstarter. Please help this list by adding a game with a launch date (or estimated), as it’s difficult to know everything coming up in the pipeline.

How long does it take for game to be removed from Kickstarter?

Once a game has been launched on Kickstarter, It will be removed a few days after launch (3-7 days), as there are plenty of devoted lists and posts for active Kickstarter projects. Due to life demands right now of opening Hitherto Coffee & Gaming Parlour, I am MIA on BGG activity and usually only updating this list monthly.

What kind of site is Ka kick agency?

KA is a news site reporting about upcoming Kickstarter board game projects and everything geek culture. Our experience comes from decades spent counting meeples and placing tiles. We get a kick out of games.

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