How do you say hello in Yurok?

How do you say hello in Yurok?

“Aiy-ye-kwee” is a Yurok greeting, but it means much more than hello, James Gensaw explains to his ninth grade students at Eureka High School in Humboldt County.

What language did the Yurok tribe speak?

Yurok, North American Indians who lived in what is now California along the lower Klamath River and the Pacific coast. They spoke a Macro-Algonquian language and were culturally and linguistically related to the Wiyot.

What does Klamath mean in the Yurok language?

downriver people
Religions. Shamanism, Christianity. Related ethnic groups. Karuk, Hupa. The Yurok, whose name means “downriver people,” are Native Americans whose ancestors have long lived along the Klamath River and the Trinity River, its longest tributary, near the Pacific coast of Northern California.

What did the Yurok Tribe use for money?

The traditional money used by Yurok people is terk-term (dentalia shell), which is a shell harvested from the ocean. The dentalia used on necklaces are most often used in traditional ceremonies, such as the u pyue-wes (White Deerskin Dance), woo-neek-we-ley-goo (Jump Dance) and mey-lee (Brush Dance).

What is the Yurok tribe known for?

Culturally, our people are known as great fishermen, eelers, basket weavers, canoe makers, storytellers, singers, dancers, healers and strong medicine people. Before we were given the name “Yurok” we referred to ourselves and others in our area using our Indian language.

What happened to the Yurok Tribe?

The gold mining expeditions resulted in the destruction of villages, loss of life, and a culture which was severely fragmented. By the end of the gold rush era at least 75% of the Yurok people died due to massacres and disease, while other tribes in California saw a 95% loss of life.

What did the Yurok Tribe use for weapons?

What were Yurok weapons and tools like in the past? Yurok hunters used bows and arrows. Yurok fishermen used spears, nets, and wooden fish traps. The Yurok didn’t go to war very often.

What is Yurok Tribe known for?

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