How does an amplidyne work?

How does an amplidyne work?

How an amplidyne works. An amplidyne comprises an electric motor which turns a generator on the same shaft. Unlike an ordinary motor-generator, the purpose of an amplidyne is not to generate a steady voltage but to generate a voltage proportional to an input current, to amplify the input.

What is amplidyne used for?

Amplidyne is a special purpose DC generator. These are used for speed controlling in electric trains and control the aiming of guns. The amplidyne characteristics are equivalent to that of a normal separately excited generator, however, its rise can be controlled through performing on the compensating winding.

What is cross-field generator?

A metadyne is a direct current electrical machine with two pairs of brushes. The technical description is “a cross-field direct current machine designed to utilize armature reaction”. A metadyne can convert a constant-voltage input into a constant-current, variable-voltage output.

On what principle does amplidyne and Metadyne operate?

Metadyne characteristics are equal to an amplidyne except a compensate winding in the latter which completely offsets the result of the generated flux through the load current. The technical explanation is “a cross-field dc machine mainly designed to use armature reaction”.

How do DC generators work?

A DC generator operates on the principle of Faraday’s laws of electromagnetic induction. According to Faraday’s law, whenever a conductor is placed in a fluctuating magnetic field (or when a conductor is moved in a magnetic field) an EMF is induced in the conductor. Z- Total number of armature conductors in the field.

What is techo generator?

A tachogenerator, or tachometer generator, is an electromechanical device used to accurately measure the speed of engines and motors. In other words, a tachogenerator can convert mechanical energy into electrical energy.

What is Ward Leonard method?

Ward Leonard method of speed control is used for controlling the speed of a DC motor. This variable voltage is obtained using a motor-generator set which consists of a motor M2 (either AC or DC motor) directly coupled with the generator G. It is a very widely used method of speed control of DC motor.

Is Metadyne a control?

The main function of a metadyne is to change the input of stable voltage into a stable current and uneven voltage output. They are used to control large guns and controlling the speed of electric trains (underground). It can be also used as a rotary transformer/an amplifier.

What is the function of Metadyne?

What is a DC generator called?

A DC generator or direct current generator is one kind of electrical machine, and the main function of this machine is to convert mechanical energy into DC (direct current) electricity. The energy alteration process uses the principle of energetically induced electromotive force.

Is measured using tachometer generator?

A tachogenerator is attached to the object whose speed is being measured — such as a fan or motor shaft — and evaluates the voltage of the power produced by the generator to determine the rotational speed of the object. A DC tachogenerator uses an armature that is attached to the object being measured.

What kind of amplifier is an amplidyne generator?

Amplidyne generator is a dynamoelectric amplifier. The amplidyne consists of a motor and a generator. It consists of a constant-speed AC motor (the prime mover) mechanically coupled to a DC generator.

How is an amplidyne related to a Metadyne?

It is now mostly obsolete. Amplidynes are now obsolete technology, replaced by modern power semiconductor electronic devices such as MOSFETs and IGBTs which can produce output power in the kilowatt range. Comparing the working principle an amplidyne is closely related to the Rosenberg generator and the metadyne.

What was the amplidyne used for in the Navy?

The amplidyne was first used in the US Navy in servo systems to control the electric motors rotating naval gun mounts, to aim the gun at a target. Assume that a very large turning force is required to rotate a heavy object, such as an antenna, to a very precise position.

How does a DC generator work as an amplifier?

The generator is wired to function as a high-gain amplifier (an amplifier is a device in which a small input voltage can control a large current source). For instance, in a normal DC generator, a small DC voltage applied to the field windings is able to control the output of the generator.

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