How many boarding zones does Spirit Airlines have?

How many boarding zones does Spirit Airlines have?

4 boarding zones
Spirit Airlines uses 4 boarding zones for loading its flights. In addition to those 4 numbered zones, Spirit offers pre-boarding to passengers in need of extra assistance and family boarding to families traveling with children 3 and under.

What does Zone 2 mean on boarding pass?

Zone 1 fliers have paid for a carry-on bag. Zones 2 through 4 go from the rear of the plane to the front. What’s new: n/a. Preboarding: Anyone needing a wheelchair or other boarding assistance; unaccompanied minors.

How are zones determined on flights?

Back and Forth Rotation. AirTran boards their planes in zones, but the zones are assigned by seat location and rotate back and forth. The first to board are business class and then a zone in the back of the plane followed by a zone in the front of the plane.

Does Spirit have priority boarding?

Priority boarding and security access For an additional fee, you can whiz through security and be one of the first to board the plane. Starting at $5.99, Spirit’s “Shortcut Boarding” access allows you priority boarding in Zone 2.

What does group mean on boarding pass?

The boarding group is entirely separate to pre-boarding, though. Passengers who require extra time or assistance with boarding will always be offered the option to board before everyone else. Your boarding group determines how many people walk the air bridge before you.

How early should I get to the airport for Spirit Airlines?

two hours
We recommend arriving at least two hours prior to your scheduled departure for domestic flights and at least three hours prior to a departure for an international flight.

Can you board before your zone is called?

“Pre-boarding gives flight attendants time to help passengers who need it before the plane is packed,” she says. Zone boarding uses elements of old-style row boarding with priority emphasis for frequent flyers and premium-class customers.

What does Spirit priority boarding mean?

Priority boarding Passengers who pay for their carry-on bags ahead of time are given priority while other passengers are awarded Zone 3 or 4 (no priority). You can pay to get Zone 2 boarding (“Shortcut Boarding”) for $5.99 per person each way here.

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