How many inches of ice is on Lake of the Woods?

How many inches of ice is on Lake of the Woods?

Ice is 14 to 20 inches thick where resorts are fishing. Fishing is excellent up at the Northwest Angle, where anglers are finding nice numbers of walleyes coming through, with saugers, perch, pike, tullibees and eelpout mixed in, Lake of the Woods Tourism said. Best action is in 18 to 26 feet of water.

Is the ice road to the Northwest Angle open?

​Hours: Daily, 8 a.m. to sunset contingent on weather and ice conditions. Road status will be monitored closely and may be subject to change without notice. Updates will be posted on the Northwest Angle Guest Ice Road Facebook page. Cost: $145 per vehicle (Springsteel Resort to Sunset Lodge).

How long is the Northwest Angle ice road?

Ice road proves successful for Minnesota’s Northwest Angle This winter, they took matters into their own hands and built a 22-mile-long ice road. Great idea! I hope they use it every year.

How long is the ice road open?

Open only 8–10 weeks of the year, the ice road is open from mid-January to March. It has to be rebuilt each year. Work on the road starts soon after Christmas. When the ice is 1 meter (42 inches) thick, it can support a truck fully loaded with over 40 metric tons (44 tons) of fuel.

Where is the deepest spot on Lake of the Woods?

Whitefish Bay
The deepest depths of Lake of the Woods, Tomahawk Resort. As the lake temps are cooling, this is the deep hole by Three Sisters Islands out in Whitefish Bay. This basin is the deepest spot on all Lake of the Woods!

Can you drive on Lake of the Woods?

For many, ice roads on Lake of the Woods are the way to go. Pay a small access fee to the resort or outfitter who allows access on their land on to an ice road they have worked on feverishly for weeks. Most resorts use a chainsaw with the bar labeled in inches. …

Is the ice road still open?

While Canada’s ice road is real, the film’s storyline is pure fiction. Officially known as the Tibbitt to Contwoyto Winter Road, the road is open briefly every year (typically in February or March) and is used to re-supply operating diamond sites.

How many miles is the ice road?

about 250 miles
The road itself is 400km long (about 250 miles) and is primarily built over frozen lakes—64 of them! Measuring about 160 feet wide on ice, this renowned ice superhighway is a thing of beauty.

Are there ice roads in America?

In North America, ice road truckers work primarily in Alaska and northern Canada. The ice road season is short, and the roads are always heavily maintained during the season. Ice road drivers use these roads to deliver loads to places that only trucks can reach.

Are there ice roads to access Lake of the woods?

Ice roads are a wonderful way to access Lake of the Woods . Like many things in life, there is so much more that goes into them than meets the eye! Click Here to Access Lake of the Woods lodging options.

How big is the ice on Lake of the woods?

Ice thickness like we said varies. On Lake of the Woods where most resorts and outfitters are traveling, there is in excess of 12″ of ice up to over 16″ in areas. (Disclaimer, there are areas of ice thinner and it is up to you to work through your outfitter and stay on their trails).

What do you need to know about ice fishing?

Things to know about ice fishing on Lake of the Woods: 1 You are allowed two poles each while ice fishing, unlike in the summer when you can only fish with one rod & reel. 2 You need a Ontario Fishing License and Ontario Outdoors Card. 3 You must adhere to Ontario Fishing Regulations.

What kind of fishing rod to use on Lake of the woods?

Use a light rod for crappie or perch using 2 to 4 lb. test and a medium action rod for trout, walleye, whitefish and 6 to 10 lb. test. Like in the summer, walleyes can usually be found on Lake of the Woods under the ice. Most times you can readily catch your limit.

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