How many levels does Earthworm Jim have?

How many levels does Earthworm Jim have?

The game consisted of 10-12 levels (depending on the version): New Junk City. New Junk City Part 2 (only in the Special Edition and HD version)

How do you beat snot a problem with Earthworm Jim?

Description. The bungee battle lasts for three rounds, each of which is harder than the last. If Jim’s rope breaks, he will fall and die. Jim must avoid the attacks of Major Mucus and bash him into the canyon wall instead, until the Major’s snot bungee cord breaks first and he falls, to win each round.

How do you play Earthworm Jim?

The player controls Jim and must maneuver him through the level while avoiding obstacles and enemies. The player can use Jim’s gun as a method of shooting enemies, or his head as a whip for whipping enemies. The whip move also allows the player to grab hold of, and swing from, certain hooks in the game.

Who currently owns Earthworm Jim?

Interplay Entertainment

Earthworm Jim
Publisher(s) Interplay Entertainment (2000-present) Virgin Interactive Playmates Interactive (1995-1996) Crave Entertainment (1999) Gameloft (2010)
Creator(s) Doug TenNapel
Platform(s) Various
First release Earthworm Jim October 1994

Who turned out the light Earthworm Jim?

Who Turned Out The Lights? (also referred to simply as Darkness) is a secret level in the original Earthworm Jim video game. The secret level can be accessed via a hidden teleporter by a red light in Level 5, the giant laboratory of Professor Monkey-For-A-Head (which strangely enough is actually Level 6 in the game).

Who draws Earthworm Jim?

Doug TenNapel
Four games were released in the series: Earthworm Jim, Earthworm Jim 2, Earthworm Jim 3D, and Earthworm Jim: Menace 2 the Galaxy, with the first game released in 1994….

Earthworm Jim
Creator(s) Doug TenNapel
Platform(s) Various
First release Earthworm Jim October 1994
Latest release Earthworm Jim HD June 9, 2010

Does Jim become evil?

When Jim is banished into The Deep, he faces a monstrous version of himself. As the two fought, “Evil Jim” at times out maneuvered his counterpart, but the two were evenly matched in combat skills. Eventually, Jim managed to defeat his dark counterpart, though It is never seen how Jim escaped from his evil self.

What was Jim’s greatest fear?

He was an illusion of Jim Lake Jr. that he faced within the Deep. He is likely a manifestation of Jim’s deepest fear: losing his humanity and human life altogether.

Do Jim and Claire break up?

Claire is very protective of Jim in the 12th century where being a troll is punishable by death. The two are separated for a brief time, but when they are reunited, he is given news that traveling back to the present will cause the shard on his chest get closer to his heart and corrupt him.

How to cheat in the first level of Earthworm Jim?

When playing the first level, pause the game and press Left, Right, A, B, C, Left, Right, A. Contributed By: Ben Zetlitz and oblivion from aoc. Pause the game, and press A+C, A+B, C, C, B, B, A, A. You will hear Earthworm Jim yell ”Cheater” and you will be brought to the ending scene of the game.

When did the Earthworm Jim supplement come out?

JIM’S STATISTICS & QUESTIONS ABOUT EWJ is from the Earthworm Jim supplement free with Issue #8 (November 94) of SUPER GAMER.

Where do you get MPB in Earthworm Jim?

Between the ledge and the tires is a gap. You can jump off the ledge and helicopter (tap the B button repetitively ) down the gap to a lower section of the level. Now swing across the long chain and you will find an Extra Life and a Mega Plasma Blast (MPB).

How did Earthworm Jim get into his suit?

The suit land right on top of the worm. Luckily, he rest safely within the neck section of the suit. The space particles interact with the worm’s soft flesh causing some kind of radical light speed evolution. Suddenly, the worm realises he is in control of the suit. Thus …The birth of EARTHWORM JIM.

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