How many punts are there in an NFL game?

How many punts are there in an NFL game?

N.F.L. teams punted an average of 3.7 times per game during the 2020 regular season, the lowest figure in recorded pro football history. Teams averaged 4.8 punts per game as recently as 2017, a rate that had held more-or-less steady since the mid-1980s but has declined in each of the last four seasons.

Who leads the NFL in punts?


Rank Player Y/P
1 Shane Lechler 47.6
2 Johnny Hekker 46.9
3 Tress Way 46.8
4 Marquette King 46.7

Who has the longest punt in the NFL 2020?

Corey Bojorquez

Year Player Lng
2020 Corey Bojorquez (23) 72
2020 Kevin Huber (35) 72
2019 Tress Way (29) 79
2018 Britton Colquitt (33) 79

Has there ever been an NFL game without a punt?

The No Punt Game was a National Football League game held between the Buffalo Bills and San Francisco 49ers on September 13, 1992 at Candlestick Park in San Francisco, California.

Who’s the best punter in the NFL right now?

Ranking the top 10 NFL kickers and top 10 punters heading into the 2021 regular season

  • Jack Fox, Lions.
  • Corey Bojorquez, Rams.
  • Brett Kern, Titans.
  • Johnny Hekker, Rams.
  • 4. Logan Cooke, Jaguars.
  • Jake Bailey, Patriots.
  • Tress Way, Washington.
  • Michael Dickson, Seahawks.

How long is a good punt?

An average punt must have a hang time of 4.3 to 5.0 seconds and average of 42 yards per punt. The kicker must be 80% consistent on field goals and all kick-offs are 75% touch-backs with 3.9 or higher hang time.

What is the longest punt of all time?

On September 21, 1969, Jets rookie punter Steve O’Neal booted the longest punt in NFL history–a 98-yard blast against the Broncos.

What is the longest punt in history?

Therefore, we present to you the 98-yard punt by New York’s Steve O’Neal in 1969. As you can see it’s a kick that began from his team’s 1-yard line and was downed at the Broncos’ 1-yard line. It, of course, is the longest possible punt to be recorded that is NOT a touchback.

What is the most called penalty in football?

In the past three seasons, the five most common penalties have finished in the same order of occurrence:

  • Offensive Holding.
  • False Start.
  • Defensive Pass Interference.
  • Defensive Holding.
  • Unnecessary Roughness.

Which is the only NFL game to score 50 points?

It is the only NFL game in which both teams have scored 50 points. Played on December 22, 1963, the game took place in the American Football League (AFL), but it was absorbed into official NFL records after the NFL–AFL merger.

Who are the most touchdown passes in NFL history?

Most passing touchdowns, career: 581, Tom Brady, 2000–2020. Most games 1+ TD passes, career: 260, Tom Brady, 2000–2020. Fewest games to reach 100 touchdown passes: 40, Patrick Mahomes, 2017–2020.

What’s the most points a team has ever scored?

This is a list of records set by various teams in various categories in the National Football League (NFL). Detroit Lions, Jan 12, 1992 – ongoing (most recent appearance Jan. 8, 2017) Most points per Game, season (min 10 games), 38.83 Most points per home game, Season, 41.1 St. Louis Rams, Nov 28, 1999-Oct 29, 2000

What’s the highest rushing record in NFL history?

Los Angeles Rams (371) vs. New York Yanks (224), Nov 18, 1951 Highest Average Gain, Rushing, Season, 5.74 Lowest Average Gain, Rushing, Season, 0.94 Cleveland Browns: Sep 14, 1986-Nov 28, 2004 (No Cleveland Browns franchise 1996–98, due to team relocation and renamed to Baltimore Ravens .) New England Patriots (15-0) vs.

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