How many Shiva temple are there in Tamil Nadu?

How many Shiva temple are there in Tamil Nadu?

Throughout India, there are a large amount of temples dedicated to Shiva, one of the principal deities of Hinduism. The most temples are in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu, where there are 2,500 Shiva temples of importance.

What are the 5 sabhas?

There are five Sabhas within Chidambaram temple itself. Those are called Chitra sabhai (the sanctum), Porsabhai (hall preceding the sanctum), Nirutha Sabhai (the chariot shaped hall), Deva Sabhai (the hall where all the festival deities are housed) and Rajasabhai (the thousand pillared hall).

Which is the queen of hills in Tamilnadu?

Ooty. Also known as Udhagamandalam, Ooty is called the ‘Queen of hill stations. ‘ It lies in the Nilgiris at an altitude of 7440ft above sea level.

What is Nataraja?

Nataraja, (Sanskrit: “Lord of the Dance”) the Hindu god Shiva in his form as the cosmic dancer, represented in metal or stone in many Shaivite temples, particularly in South India. Shiva Nataraja at the Brihadishvara Temple, Thanjavur, India.

Which is the most famous Shiva temple in Tamil Nadu?

Legends say that Goddess Parvati worshipped Lord Shiva in the form of a peahen. So, Lord Shiva is worshipped here as Kapaleeshwarar. This 7th century architecture is one of the famous temples in Mylapore of Tamil Nadu.

Where are 5 Pancha Bhootam temples of Lord Shiva located?

Pancha Bhoota temples are set of five temples of Lord Shiva, represents the manifestation of the five prime elements of nature Earth,Water,Fire,Air and Sky. All these famous Shiva temples are located in South Indian states of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. Ekambareswarar Temple (Earth) in Tamil Nadu

Which is the best place to worship Lord Shiva?

Lord Shiva is worshiped as Ekambareswarar in the form of Prithivi Lingam,located in the town of Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu. Jambukeswarar Temple is one of the five major Shiva Temples of Tamil Nadu, situated in Tiruchirapalli or Trichy of Tamil Nadu.

Are there any Shiva temples in a straight line?

Including which, it’s a striking fact that all these temples are geographically placed in almost a straight line.

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