Is the arc going to be open UIUC?

Is the arc going to be open UIUC?

Yes, the ARC Indoor Pool is open by online reservation. Refer to the Active Illini facilities page for more information.

Who can use the arc UIUC?

Full-time students, regardless of in-person or online status, will be assessed the Student Service Fee for the Fall 2021 semester. The Campus Recreation membership affords the student member the following privileges: Access to all recreational sports facilities to include: Activities and Recreation Center (ARC)

Is Arc free for students?

In addition, due to an inter-UC reciprocity agreement, students from other UC campuses can use the ARC for free. However, you must have an ARC card for admittance, as well as deal with the general paperwork and deal with the run-around you’ll receive from the confused staff members.

Can you park at the Arc UIUC?

Metered Spaces Available to all patrons: Lot E-24 (west of the ARC) Along Peabody Drive (in front of the ARC) Along Fourth Street.

How do I cancel an arc reservation?

If you are unable to attend a reservation, please CANCEL your reservation as early as possible: Group Fitness reservations should be cancelled at least two hours in advance. Need assistance setting up your account? Contact us at the ARC 619-594-0194, Aquaplex 619-594-7946 or ARC Express 619-594-3488.

Is the UIUC gym free for students?

Campus Rec provides recreation and wellness opportunities to students and the university community. Current full-time Illinois students are automatically members provided they have been assessed the Student Service Fee. University affiliates are eligible to purchase memberships at specified rates.

What time does ARC open UIUC?

Online reservations required to access select spaces in the ARC. Refer to the COVID-19 FAQ page for more information….Facility.

Dates Hours
Tuesday, September 7 – Friday, December 17 Monday-Thursday: 6:00am-11:00pm Friday: 6:00am-10:00pm Saturday: 9:00am-10:00pm Sunday: 9:00am-11:00pm

Is UC Davis ARC free?

Currently enrolled UC Davis students who pay fees (tuition) may participate in Rec Sports and use the ARC (Activities and Recreation Center), Rec Pool at no additional cost. They are also already eligible for student rates on other CR programming.

Is UCD gym free for students?

UCD students have access** to the fitness facilities and fitness classes at UCD Sport & Fitness with students required to complete an induction before access is granted.

Where can I park at UIUC?

Parking Garage. Metered lots available on upper level….directly around union

  • D11: – Spaces marked reserved are for Illini Union Hotel guests.
  • D10: – Metered spaces are available to the public and can be paid for with coins or by using the MobileMeter app.
  • Circle Drive:
  • Reserved Meters in D10 and Circle Drive:

How much is parking at UIUC?

Temporary Permits*

1 Day Permit $14 Per Day
1 Month Permit $110
Day Meter Permit (U of I meters only) $12
Extra Help Permit $110/2 Months
Daily Bus Permit (Bus Parking Policy) $35

Is the arc free for UCI students?

ARC Bar – provides a variety of smoothies and light snacks for participants to purchase….

Affiliation Quarterly Annual
UCI Students $0 NA
* UCI Students not enrolled in spring quarter, may purchase a $90 continuing student membership
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