What does the saying at first blush mean?

What does the saying at first blush mean?

: when first seen or considered At first blush, the proposal seems ridiculous.

How do you use first blush in a sentence?

Also, at first glance or sight. When first seen. For example, At first blush we thought it was an elegant restaurant, but it soon became obvious that it was hardly the place for a special dinner, or At first glance the contract looked just fine.

Is the word blush a contraction?

Never miss a Moment Never is a contraction of “not ever”; Blush is a contraction of “blood rush”; Studying is a contraction of “student dying”.

What is blush short for?

BLUSH Beautiful Ladies Unveiling Self Happiness Miscellaneous » Unclassified Rate it:
BLUSH Beautiful Ladies Understand Savvy Hustle Miscellaneous » Unclassified Rate it:

What is trumped up mean?

1 : to concoct especially with intent to deceive : fabricate, invent. 2 archaic : to cite as support for an action or claim. Synonyms Example Sentences Learn More About trump up.

What color blush is good for olive skin tone?

The best blush for olive skin Rich pink, warm apricot and deep peach shades make the best blush for olive and medium skin tones. For a natural finish, apply an apricot shade to skin with warm undertones and a pink shade to skin with cool undertones.

Does blush mean blood rush?

When you blush, you turn red because you are embarrassed. Blushing is caused by blood rushing to the head: thus, the color red.

What does I’m blushing mean?

to become pink in the face, usually from embarrassment: She blushed with embarrassment. Here comes your favourite person now – look, you’re blushing!

Is it bad to blush?

Those who are easily stressed or have anxiety disorders or social phobias may blush more than others. While it can cause people to feel self-conscious, blushing is not in itself harmful.

What does it mean for a girl to blush?

You may blush when you’re embarrassed or after your crush says something nice about you. According to Psychology Today, blushing happens when you’re feeling self-conscious or excited. When you cause someone else to blush, that means you’re causing that self-consciousness or excitement feeling to happen to them.

When was blush invented?

Origin of At First Blush. The word blush originated around the year 1300 in Middle English and came from the Old English word blyscan. The origin of the full idiom at first blush in unknown. However, the earliest written record available to view online is in William Spurstowe’s The Wells of Salvation Opened, from the year 1655.

What does the idiom’at first blush’mean?

At First Blush Meaning. Definition: At first glance; when first examined. This idiom can also be used to mean when a person first begins to think about something, as in “at first thought,” or “at first consideration.”.

Which is the best example of at first blush?

Examples of At First Blush. This idiom can be used to refer to someone’s initial thoughts of how something appears visually, as it does in the example below, in which a real estate agent and his client speak about a house. Real estate agent: I think you’re really going to love this next place. At first blush, it doesn’t look like anything special.

What does it mean when your face turns red at first blush?

At First Blush Meaning. Nowadays, blush is a verb used for the face turning red. However, in the past, blush had a secondary meaning, “to look or glance.” This definition is now obsolete, with the exception of this expression.

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