What happened to Tidus in Final Fantasy X2?

What happened to Tidus in Final Fantasy X2?

Tidus fading away. After defeating Yu Yevon, Yuna sends the aeons and Auron to the Farplane. The fayth depart and, being a dream of the fayth himself, Tidus must meet the same fate. As he begins to fade, he apologizes to Yuna for not being able to show her his Zanarkand and bids a tearful farewell to his friends.

Is Tidus real ff10?

Thus, Tidus is actually only as real as Yuna’s aeons. The destruction of Zanarkand 1000 years ago resulted from its battle with the machina-powered city of Bevelle. As Tidus was a part of this, he is not an actual human, nor did he travel 1000 years into the future.

Can you play as Tidus in ffx2?

Tidus is an optional boss in Final Fantasy X-2: International + Last Mission and Final Fantasy X-2 HD Remaster. He is fought in the Fiend Arena in the final tournament, the Farplane Cup. Tidus will join the player’s party after being defeated.

Is Tidus in the Farplane?

(Stop reading here if you care about spoiling the plot of a 20 year old game.) Anyhow, we were talking about Tidus. Although he is a dream of the Fayth, his mother appears on the farplane, showing that not only was she real, but he has a real connection to her.

Does Yuna and Tidus?

After Final Fantasy X, Tidus’ spirit was sent back into the void. However, in Final Fantasy X-2, Yuna resurrected him and they were back together. Even though their relationship was riddled with heartbreak, after she lost him and got him back, they seemed to have a happily ever after.

Do Yuna and Tidus stay together?

How old is Tidus?

Tidus (ティーダ, Tīda) is a skilled 17-year-old blitzball player from Zanarkand and the main protagonist of Final Fantasy X.

What is the final Overdrive for Tidus in Final Fantasy X?

The final Overdrive for Tidus, Blitz Ace, is unlocked upon using 80 Overdrives, and you’re only given two seconds to hit the center of the gauge. Tidus will charge at the enemy, then perform a total of eight slashes against them.

What kind of weapon does Tidus have in Final Fantasy?

His Celestial Weapon, the Caladbolg, deals more damage depending on how high his HP is. His Overdrive is Swordplay, dealing physical damage, which can be improved by correct player button timing, and he learns new Swordplay abilities by frequently using them.

Who is Tidus married to in FFX 2?

Have never played X-2 and am curious.. going to have lots of fun with it. Yes, he lives in Besaid with Shelinda. They’re married. You can talk to him but can’t play as him. Shelinda is a smart and independent woman from FFX.

Where does Tidus meet his mentor in Final Fantasy?

The city is destroyed in its path, but Tidus escapes before the blitzball stadium collapses. Tidus meets up with his mentor, Auron, outside the stadium, but time suddenly stops and a boy in purple robes appears before him, claiming something is about to start.

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