What is a mining block model?

What is a mining block model?

Vulcan Block Modelling tools allow geologists, geostatisticians and mining engineers to accurately create, visualise and manipulate complex block—and sub-block—models based on user-defined block dimensions and sizes.

What is 3D geology modeling?

3D models are powerful tools that convey complex geological concepts. The 3D modelling process allows geoscientists to test the validity of geological assumptions or hypotheses and provides a mechanism to validate existing data while also highlight gaps in knowledge and data within a project area.

What is an MRE in mining?

Mineral Resource Estimate (MRE)

How do you calculate ore reserves?

The basic parameters for ore reserve estimation are thickness and area – quantitative indicator of form» size, and volume of the mineral deposit; grade – the qualitative indicator of values and their distribution in the deposit; and specific gravity indicator for tonnage estimation.

How do you calculate the grade of an ore?

The average grade of each hole is the sum of the products of each sample length by its assay value divided by the sum of the lengths. This grade, multiplied by the volume of the prism and divided by the volume-per-ton factor, gives the tons- percent or ton-dollars in the prism, as the case may be.

What are geological models used for?

Geologic models help define the volume and concentration of minerals, to which economic constraints are applied to determine the economic value of the mineralization. Mineral deposits that are deemed to be economic may be developed into a mine.

Why do geologists use models?

What is reserve estimation?

Introduction Reserves estimation is one of the most essential tasks in the petroleum industry. It is the process by which the economi- cally recoverable hydrocarbons in a field, area, or region are evaluated quantitatively.

What is high grade and low grade ore?

An ore is rock that contains a large enough concentration of a particular mineral—often a metal—to make it profitable for mining and processing. High-grade ore contains a large concentration of the desired mineral. Low-grade ore has a smaller concentration.

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